Anatomy of Container Attack Vectors and Mitigations

Container adoption is skyrocketing, and so are concerns around securing container-based applications. While the market is still in its early phase of embracing this technology, lessons learned from securing Fortune 500 enterprise deployments against simple and sophisticated attacks alike are showing the path forward. Join us on an investigative journey as we explore popular attack vectors that have been used to breach container-based environments, provide best practices and tools to mitigate them, and discuss associated business risks.
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2021 Cybersecurity Market Evolution

Watch Damon Acton (RVP of IoT/OT Cybersecurity) and Preetham Naik (Director of IoT/OT Cybersecurity) from our Americas team dissect some of the latest cyber exploit trends and upcoming legislation that is going to dramatically impact the landscape of IoT and OT cybersecurity. They’ll also break down some of focus areas as we move into the new year by educating to give a solid foundational understanding to improve cyber resilience for critical infrastructure providers.
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Why Security Awareness Should Not Stop at Phishing


If you’re keeping even half an eye on the InfoSec news cycle, you know how big of a problem phishing is. The annual Verizon data breach found again this year that phishing was the leading way for malware to enter networks, with the average company reporting that 94% of detected malware came in via email. Thirty-two percent of confirmed breaches started with phishing, again the most common tactic. It makes sense, then, that so much security awareness content out there is focused on this threat. Some vendors make their business on it almost completely, with this trend extending to the phishing simulator emerging as a key selling point for those in the security awareness business.
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How NHS Bolton Empowers Its Security Team with AI

Watch this webinar to hear how NHS Bolton Foundation Trust, a UK regional healthcare provider has overcome stretched resources using an innovative approach of automation and AI.
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API Security - Unlock the Secrets

Bank information security

The application programming interface (API) has become the basic building block of business allowing applications and software to talk and share data. APIs are the critical component for exchanging data between all types of entities. In this Webinar we'll break down how APIs are used and unlock the secrets to securing them. Highlights include: API Gateways are API Management tools not security; Providing audits & ensuring proper inspection on each transaction; Equipping every transaction for proper authentication and authorization.
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