Application Security at the Speed of DevOps


Faster time-to-market and business value driven application functionality are the biggest drivers for DevOps. With DevOps, more frequent releases require shorter development and test cycles creating a higher risk of breaches exploiting the application layer.
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"This white paper examines how Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop solutions can dramatically reduce the effort required to protect mission-critical information, while giving users fast, simple, flexible remote access that enhances business productivity."


"Maintaining Compliance in the New Era of Cloud Apps"


"In this on-demand webcast, “Maintaining Compliance in the New Era of Cloud Apps and Shadow Data” security experts from Forrester and Elastica will discuss: •What types of compliance exposures are most common in corporate use of file sharing apps? •What liability do corporations have as their data moves to the cloud? •What do companies need to monitor as they adopt cloud apps? •What is the forecast for future volume of cloud data and compliance-related breaches? •What is the forecast for future volume of cloud data and compliance-related breaches?"
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Cybersecurity December 1: Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

Dentons attorneys will present this all new series addressing cybersecurity requirements for federal government contractors.This six-part series, useful to both large and small contractors alike and at both the prime and subcontract level, will provide important guidance for contractors who are seeking to ensure compliance with the government’s rapidly expanding cybersecurity requirements.Contractors will learn about the statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to contractors, including key agency-specific regulations; cyber requirements applicable to owners and operators of critical infrastructure, including the defense base; best practices for cyber breach investigation and response; and recent and future cyber developments, including the National Archives and Records Administration’s efforts to establish a government-wide system for identification and protection of controlled unclassified information. The series will be an invaluable resource for contractors who want to ensure compliance with existing cyber obligations while best positioning themselves competitively for future developments in the government contracts industry
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"The Next Generation of Incident Response"


"We will examine in detail the process of data breach response from the perspective of an elite IR team member. It will cover the steps taken to properly respond to a breach caused by a sophisticated hacker and go over some real-world case studies."
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Defending Against Advanced Attacks

"A webinar with Gartner VP Mark Nicolett, provides solid tips to reduce your vulnerability. The recent data breach cost Target more than $60 million in recovery costs. And even that has been exceeded at other companies that have fallen victim to advanced targeted cyber attacks. View the webinar to learn: •How to present a hard target to hackers •How advanced persistent attacks work •How the SOC and NOC can work together •Best practices for security information and event management (SIEM)"
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