Applying NERC CIP v5 to Your Cybersecurity Strategy

While NERC CIP v5 covers many aspects of power utility operations including physical safety, standardization and proper documentation, the aspect with which many people are most concerned is the cybersecurity requirements. This webinar will examine the cybersecurity requirements of NERC CIP and how the requirements will impact communications equipment deployed in operational networks. To help clarify the regulation's sometimes-ambiguous language, we will identify the types of threat(s) each measure is designed to defend, and explain the logic behind the requirements.We will also consider implementations of the relevant OT communications building blocks such as source authentication, access control, confidentiality, integrity and application-aware (including SCADA) security gateways. We will look at how each of these are best implemented throughout the different layers of the protocol stack and in software vs hardware deployments.
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Cybersecurity is becoming a numbers game and risk measurement is now on the board as an important business decision-making metric. Here’s what you need to know to start tackling the risk measurement challenge. 5 STEPS FOR MEASURING WHAT MATTERS. Focus on five priorities to identify the best risk measurement approach for your company.


How memcached reflection threatens IT security


2018 is the year of high volume DDoS attacks. Since the emergence of the new attack vector memcached reflection in February, new bandwidth records have been set. Companies worldwide suddenly found themselves exposed to a new DDoS risk. In a webinar, the Link11 IT security experts Karsten Desler and Aatish Pattni explain how to assess the threats. Today's global IT infrastructures face a DDoS threat that has never existed before with such massive bandwidths. This issue relates to attack vectors, which can hit companies with a really destructive attack volume due to enormous amplification factors. The largest possible 'amplification reflection vector' to date has been detected in memcached reflection attacks. Cyber criminals can theoretically use the vector to increase their attacks by a factor of 50,000.

"Are Advanced Persistent Threats Hiding in Your Network?"


"During this interactive webinar, Justin Turner, Delivery Team Manager from the Targeted Threat Hunting & Response Team, will share why it is critical to identify targeted threat indicators of attacker presence and leverage threat intelligence to provide context to determine how to engage and resist the adversary. In addition you will: - Learn what Targeted Threat Hunting is and why it is important. - Hear real-world examples of previous incidents and how targeted threat hunting was used to remove entrenched adversaries. - Receive a standard list of questions that should be answered during an engagement."

The coming Cyber-Storm and The Internet of Things

"The Internet of Things (the new buzzword for the tech industry) is increasing the connectedness of people and things on a scale that was once beyond imagination. Connected devices outnumber the world's population by 1.5 to 1.It is expected to eventually touch some 200 billion cars, appliances, machinery and devices globally, handling things like remote operation, monitoring and interaction among Internet-connected products. In combination with the fact that there are almost as many cell-phone subscriptions (6.8 billion) as there are people on this earth (seven billion), we have all the ingredients for a Perfect Cyber Storm. Join me for an informal discussion of the challenges for our profession, and some possible solutions."

"Breach Mitigation: Hardening Office 365 Against Data Loss"


"Listen in on this on-demand webinar with Office 365 expert Joe Diamond who will discuss how Office 365 users can harden their attack surface against loss, answering questions such as: - Where does DLP fit into the larger technology stack? - What capabilities does Office 365 provide to harden against data loss? - How can organizations address multi-channel DLP with Office 365? - How can organizations build a successful loss prevention program?"