Ask the experts: What’s the worst web application security issue?

We know. It’s an impossible question to answer. There’s no such thing as a “worst web application security issue,” because every app and every organization has its own unique set of issues. But if you’re a development organization with limited resources, how do you know where to start? Which issues appear over and over in data breaches, exploits, and top N lists such as the OWASP Top 10? We asked some experts—and Twitter—to give us their opinions.
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With constantly changing threat landscape and evolving technologies, it is difficult for organizations to keep pace with a sheer volume of sophisticated threats. Outdated software, lack of security solutions, and unmanaged devices can make the organization vulnerable to cyber-attacks. As new securit


Data in the World of Dynamic Hybrid Clouds

"Hybrid clouds are rapidly emerging as the ideal model for data-driven applications. The allure of better performance and agility at a lower total cost is compelling to business and technical managers alike. But how do you stay in control of your data? Through this webcast, you'll see how IBM clients and Business Partners are taking advantage of hybrid clouds, and how they're resolving the important issues of data management, data protection, and data security"

After the Data Breach: Stolen Credentials

Security Boulevard

When usernames and passwords are compromised in a data breach, the consequences extend far beyond the victim organization due to rampant password reuse. For this reason, NIST recently recommended that organizations check users’ credentials against a set of known compromised passwords. However, by patroning dark web forums and paying for spilled credentials, enterprises indirectly support the criminal ecosystem. Furthermore, attackers often don’t publicly post stolen data until months or years after the breach, if at all. Is there a better way to follow NIST guidelines and protect users from account takeover? Join Justin Richer, co-author of NIST Digital Identity Guidelines 800-63B, and Gautam Agarwal, Shape's Senior Director of Product Management, for a lively discussion on NIST’s password recommendations and how best to prevent account takeover fraud at your organization.

Infosecurity 2016: Big Data Security Analytics in Cyber Warfare


BrightTALK got the chance to spend some time with Splunk's lead security evangelist, Joe Goldberg at Infosecurity. Joe broke down key topics such as the cyber security risks faced by financial institutions and the developments that they could make to better protect themselves; the rise of nation-state attacks and cyber warfare and what Splunk are most excited about in the world of information security - big data security analytics.

Next-Generation Security for Amazon Web Services

Public cloud computing resources such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) are helping organizations like yours develop and deploy new applications rapidly; expand into geographic regions seamlessly and extend competitive advantages. Cyber criminals are well aware of the rapid expansion into the public cloud and are looking for weaknesses in your security posture. Don’t let them find one. The VM-Series for AWS, allows you to securely extend your corporate datacenter into AWS, using our next-generation firewall and advanced features to protect your data while native management features ensures policies keep pace with the changing to your applications