Attack Surface Detector

Penetration testers can only assess the attack surface they can see. Attack Surface Detector is a set of open source tools that can identify web application attack surface through static code analysis, making the data easy to leverage in dynamic testing. Penetration testers can also highlight differences in attack surface between two different versions of an application.
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Are you Ready to Demystify the Dark Web with IBM IRIS?


Dark web forums and marketplaces can be treasure troves of data on threat actor activities, motivations, and capabilities. Often organizations desiring to obtain this valuable information attempt to conduct their own dark web research. However, what they usually learn too late is that setting up effective, efficient dark web access can be costly, difficult, and dangerous to the organization. This webinar covers the challenges setting up a dark web collection apparatus, and why for most organizations using an independent provider makes more sense.
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Improving AppSec With Application Security Posture Management

By now, everyone has heard of the *AST scanning technologies. Most have been around for 15+ years, yet organizations are still struggling to eliminate AppSec issues like SQL injection and XSS vulnerabilities because these scanning tools look at vulnerabilities through a vulnerability lens, not a contextual risk lens.
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Exciting Updates for Threat Response Cloud and TRAP 5.8

As security products move more into the cloud, Proofpoint continues to strengthen our Threat Response Auto-Pull solution. Join us for this customer session to learn about new features available to you, including our new audit-logging, internal incident response, and enhanced visualizations in Threat Response Cloud. We also have exciting new updates for TRAP 5.8 on-prem.
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Shaping the Financial Ecosystem with Secure APIs

Have you noticed that many of the leading banks and insurance companies have developer portals with APIs? In this webinar, we’ll discuss how customers’ needs for financial freedom are shaping the financial ecosystem, leading to an explosion of open APIs and a more integrated customer experience.We’ll discuss how and why finance
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