Attack Tactics 6! Return of the Blue Team

In this webcast we walk through the step-by-step defenses to stop the attackers in every step of the way we showed in Attack Tactics Part 5. Introduction, password spray toolkit, account lockout, honey accounts, canary tokens, and two factor authorization. fixthefuture , two factor authorization, dumping global address lists, mailsniper 20:30 Lateral movement, OWA, VPN, SSH. Scanning and enumeration, Nmap, SSH Brute Force, “Find Open”, LLMNR, LLMNR Responder, and NrlmRelayX.
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CyberSecure IPS gives network managers the ability to monitor and protect the physical security of fiber optic network infrastructures. CyberSecure IPS provides robust protection against fiber optic intrusion attempts and dispatches the appropriate first response teams in real-time.


4 Reasons Next-Generation Antivirus Should Be Your Next Managed Service


There seems to be no shortage of threats these days with attackers constantly innovating and combining different techniques with classic malware. New ransomware variants, targeted espionage campaigns, and attacks that don’t use malware at all are just a few threats that put your organization at risk.

A Game of Cat and Mouse: Malware Evasion Techniques

"Understanding the techniques used by malicious actors to avoid detection, from modern botnet evasion techniques to hijacking commercial CSPs in order to host malicious content. This presentation looks at the innovation from the side of the attacker, and the response from industry to meet these new technical challenges. Raj is currently working as the VP, Chief Technical Officer for McAfee EMEA, having previously worked as the CISO for a large public sector organisation in the UK. He volunteers as the Cloud Security Alliance EMEA Strategy Advisor, is on the advisory councils for Infosecurity Europe, and Infosecurity Magazine. In addition, Raj was previously the Vice President for Communications in the ISSA UK Chapter, having presided over the award for Chapter communications programme of the year 2008, and 2009. He has had numerous security papers published, and appeared on television (ITV and More4). As well as providing assistance in the 2006 RSA Wireless Security Survey and part of the consultation committee for the RIPA Bill (Part 3). Raj is also the author of the upcoming book 'Applied Cyber Security and the Smart Grid' "

PECB Webinar: ICS Security Management System using ISO 27001 Standard

The webinar covers:Development and implementation of ICS Security Management System.Using ISO 27001 as the ISMS fundamental platform.NIST SP 800-82 usage as the audit platform against ICS object.

What's Your DNS Security Risk? Insights from Recent Ponemon Survey

Vanguard Group

Have you ever done an assessment on how secure your DNS infrastructure is? Ponemon Institute has recently completed the first DNS Security Risk Survey among global organizations to understand how secure they are when it comes to malware and data exfiltration that uses DNS. The survey also provides insights into: The level of visibility these organizations have, especially in today’s complex network deployments. Their use of threat intelligence and the effectiveness of threat intelligence. The efficiency of their security operations.