Attack Tactics 6! Return of the Blue Team

Black Hills Information Security

In this webcast we walk through the step-by-step defenses to stop the attackers in every step of the way we showed in Attack Tactics Part 5. Introduction, password spray toolkit, account lockout, honey accounts, canary tokens, and two factor authorization. fixthefuture , two factor authorization, dumping global address lists, mailsniper 20:30 Lateral movement, OWA, VPN, SSH. Scanning and enumeration, Nmap, SSH Brute Force, “Find Open”, LLMNR, LLMNR Responder, and NrlmRelayX.
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The first in a two part series on hacktivism, looking at the its origins and the motivations behind some threat actors.


MDR, Not XDR or EDR: Untangling the Alphabet Soup of Cybersecurity

As we all know too well, 2020 and 2021 have been full of adaptations. While many employees adjust to working remotely, IT and security professionals everywhere must work overtime to secure and manage their company’s network core infrastructure.
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OT & IoT Security Case Studies to Ensure Reliable Cyber Resilience

Uptime, disruption-free operations, and availability are important considerations for any OT and IoT security plan. Knowing the threats and ways to mitigate them is only half the battle. The other half involves aligning technology, assets, and knowledge base to secure the entire length and breadth of your business and its digital footprint.
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IDaaS: Your Identity Fabric. Connecting Every User to Every Service, Seamlessly


Workforce mobility, rapidly changing business models and business partnerships contribute to a trend where businesses must be able to seamlessly enable access for everyone, to every digital service. These services might be public cloud, they might be web applications with or without support for federation standards, they might be solely backend services accessed via APIs, or even legacy applications exposed only via some sort of middleware. However, agility in the digital journey mandates that IT can provide seamless access to all these services while keeping in control and enforcing security. Identity as a Service offering, whether deployed from a public or hybrid cloud, can take a central role, by acting as the common fabric connecting all the users and all the services. Such services include support for adaptive authentication, auditing features, broad federation services, authorization capabilities, and various capabilities.
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Threat Detection for Common MITRE ATT&CK Techniques


If you’re ready to take a deep dive into applying the MITRE ATT&CK framework and learning how to use it in your environment, then this webinar is for you. In this on-demand webinar, LogRhythm threat research engineers join Ultimate Security Windows Host Randy Franklin Smith to zero in on the new standard to assess the effectiveness of your security monitoring and alerting capabilities — the MITRE ATT&CK framework.
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