Automating Cybersecurity Functions in Your Enterprise: A Dark Reading Webcast

Organizations face tremendous challenges when trying to keep pace with the volume of cyber incidents they are seeing today. Information security leaders are looking to the benefits of security orchestration and automation to relieve the strain on their incident response teams. While the promise of orchestration is great, achieving success requires great care in choosing which processes and investigative actions to automate.
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Financing Security: How M&As and the Markets Are Shaping the Security Industry


Attend the unique SIA webinar “Financing Security: How M&As and the Markets Are Shaping the Security Industry” to learn more about the impact of the 2018 deals that brought together Amazon and Ring, ADT and Red Hawk, Motorola and Avigilon, Securitas and Kratos, and many others. In addition, this webinar will examine the debt capital markets, equity capital markets, emerging market trends and other financial components of the security industry, while providing a look ahead to the rest of 2019.a
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GigaOm Radar Report: API Security – Deep Dive

GigaOm Analyst, Don MacVittie recently studied the state of the API Security market, industry trends, and innovative solutions to address the growing API security challenges and recommended an approach a responsible enterprise could take to secure this new landscape.
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Security Analytics: How to Identify True Risks to Your Data


The exponential growth of users, apps, and data has led to an increase in legitimate data access, complicating the task of determining whether data access is appropriate. Traditional security approaches tend to lock things down and limit data usage by deploying broad sets of security policies. Companies that take this approach, however, are still suffering from data breaches. In the meantime, security teams are often overwhelmed with a significant amount of alerts that don’t provide actionable insights.
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Protecting against Advanced Email Threats: Beyond the Nigerian Prince Scam


In this webinar, GreatHorn CEO Kevin O’Brien discussed how phishing attacks have evolved – from the early days of the widespread Nigerian prince schemes to today’s sophisticated and highly targeted spear phishing threats – and how our collective response has failed to keep up. By reviewing common attack patterns, he highlights areas outside of technology that are critical to protecting organizations from advanced email threats – from business processes to user engagement
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