Automating Cybersecurity Functions in Your Enterprise: A Dark Reading Webcast


Organizations face tremendous challenges when trying to keep pace with the volume of cyber incidents they are seeing today. Information security leaders are looking to the benefits of security orchestration and automation to relieve the strain on their incident response teams. While the promise of orchestration is great, achieving success requires great care in choosing which processes and investigative actions to automate.
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How do computer hackers figure out our passwords? Learn about the techniques they use to crack the codes, and what systems protect us. “In October, malware embedded in residential internet routers and DVRs helped orchestrate a large-scale distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack on the East Coast that shut down Amazon, Netflix, Twitter and other major websites. T


Managing Threat Detection and Response for Securing AWS

Alert Logic

Security tools alone are not enough as your AWS environment becomes more complex, and the need for comprehensive security – including people, process, and technology – becomes apparent. Cyber threats continue to increase in volume and sophistication, so where do you start when incorporating advanced threat detection and response capabilities into your security strategy? Start here with Ryan Holland, Senior Director, Technology Services Group at Alert Logic and Orlando Scott-Cowley, Principal Evangelist at AWS as they list the top considerations to better protect your AWS workloads and applications.
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Cyber Value-at-Risk Webinar


Cyber Value-at-risk (VAR) offers a revolutionary industry approach helping Enterprises with effective cyber management and vulnerability remediation prioritization. Simply classifying risks in broad terms such as “high”, “medium” or “low” does not tell you a business story. Understanding the business impact of various technical cyber issues, including responses costs, replacement costs, and potential regulatory fines, allows a business vision into true cyber business risk. Why attends this webinar? 1) Understand how cyber security compliance issues can be subject to regulatory fines.
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Microsoft 365 Security in the Face of Increased Mobility & Security Breaches

With technological advancements taking the world by storm, almost every other company is now a software company. All these companies are slowly moving to the cloud to reduce IT investment. Whether it is delivering personalized apps, or employing software to improve internal processes or managing business transactions – it is all on the cloud. This recent expansion of technology has made the threat of cyberattacks exceedingly prevalent and more aggressive.
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Who Secures the Inbox Best? An Analysis of 3 Million Emails

Email is the number one cause of all cyber breaches. Yet, today's anti-phishing solutions haven't proven up to the task. As hackers step up their game, so too must email security. Recently, Avanan analyzed three million emails to understand how Microsoft Defender, and others, fare against the most sophisticated phishing threats.
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