Battling Unknown Malware With Machine Learning

CrowdStrike recently made headlines by announcing that it is the first machine learning-based engine to be integrated into VirusTotal. VirusTotal is the premier nexus where all reputable AV vendors transparently publicize their detection results and share malware data for the greater good. The addition of CrowdStrike’s advanced machine learning engine to this anti-malware industry staple is a major leap forward for users who rely on VirusTotal capabilities to help defend their endpoints.
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This white paper details how Dell EMC Isilon scale-out NAS storage and the Isilon OneFS operating system architecture provide high availability and data protection needed to meet the challenges organizations face as they deal with the deluge of digital content and unstructured data and the growing i


"Best Practices for DDoS Protection"

"DDoS attacks have been around for more than a decade, and in that sense they are old news. However, what a DDoS attack actually is has been constantly changing. There are several persistent misconceptions about DDoS attacks and DDoS defense that leave too many organizations vulnerable today. One misconception is that a DDoS attack is all about size. While certainly true, modern DDoS attacks can enormous, DDoS today is more frequently targeting your applications and security infrastructure, such as your firewall and IPS. Another misconception is that DDoS defense is an either-or proposition. You handle it in the cloud through a provider, or you have DDoS defense on premise. In fact, one layer of protection is not protection at all. Join us for a session that will cover: • An overview of the current attack landscape and implications • Best practice defense against modern DDoS attacks • Lessons learned by global enterprises struck by attacks"

Mobile Security - 2015 Wrap-up and 2016 Predictions

If you still think Mobile Security is a thing of the future--think again. Millions of mobile devices worldwide were exposed in 2015 to vulnerabilities and advanced cyber-attacks including: No iOS Zone, XcodeGhost, Stagefright and SwiftKey to name just a few. Given 2015’s ultra-active cyber-risk front, we are sure 2016 has much more in store. Join Yair Amit, CTO and Chief Security Researcher at Skycure, in this live webinar where he will: - Do a post-mortem on the top mobile threats from 2015 and what enterprises can learn from them - Uncover predictions for 2016 and beyond - Help organizations create a step-by-step mobile security plan

What is Your Primary Cyber Security Concern for 2015?

2014 has been a bumper year for information security. Many of you will have begun now looking at your security strategy for the New Year. To help, here’s three of the industry’s top thinkers, giving you their opinion on what’ll be keeping them up at night in 2015..

Introducing CDL - The Cybersecurity Data Lake


An introduction to CDL, the world's first managed on-premise and cloud cybersecurity data lake. Developed with Intel and leading data center, cloud and security vendors, CDL is designed to democratize security analytics at scale, unlock the potential of today’s siloed security solutions.