Best Practices in Major Incident Management Communications

"If your data, services and processes become compromised, your business can suffer irreparable damage in minutes. The clock is ticking, and how fast you communicate to your major incident resolution team is everything.

Join Scott Bowler, Manager of IT Delivery Management Services, NBN Co, and Abbas Haider Ali, CTO of xMatters and learn how NBN Co identifies major incidents and uses best practices for automating their communication processes to resolve major IT incidents quickly and effectively."
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"S&R pros, it’s not a question of if — but when — your organization will experience a serious security breach. Cybercriminals are using more sophisticated and targeted attacks to steal everything from valuable intellectual property to the sensitive personal


5 Steps to Prevent Identity-based Attacks

"Identity-based attacks are a growing risk for all organsations. As security teams harden the corporate perimeter, hackers and criminals are looking for the weak spots – and that weak spot is all too often human. Using malware, phishing and social engineering is a common way of overcoming even the strongest defences, as well-intentioned insiders become the unwitting helpers of the attacker."


Every year, the security industry shifts and grows in both expected and unexpected ways. Join us to hear from security experts as they discuss lessons learned from 2015, and what this means for security professionals and the whole industry in 2016. Join Rick Holland, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Lee Weiner, Senior VP of Products and Engineering at Rapid7 to learn about: 2015 Year in Review: What happened? What did we learn? Insights into the top 2016 security strategy trends 2016 predictions on prevention, detection, response, analytics, and more.

Unite & Disrupt: Mitigate Attacks by Uniting Security Operations

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Cybercriminals spend as much time trying to break into your enterprise as you do growing your business. Attackers collaborate their skills and execute well-structured strikes that take advantage of the many points of entry into your systems. To fight back you need your own unified plan of attack so that you can better sense malicious activity and take preventive action that will crush attackers and keep your environment safe.

Cryptolocker: Probing IT's New Worst Enemy


Cryptolocker and other ransomware have raked in hundreds of millions of dollars for the perpetrators, and the channel remains on the front lines of fighting this threat. In this webinar, Intronis and IT security expert Mike Davis, CTO of CounterTack, Inc. share a unique view inside this dangerous malware and best practices to protect your clients.