Security experts believe that application security should be baked into the DevOps framework, but often times, it’s tough to get started. In this discussion, we’ll talk about specific strategies for partnering with developers and DevOps to build security into the software development lifecycle.The benefits of partnering with DevOps and integrating into tools like Continuous Integration (CI) Practical tips for how to build a partnership with developers DevOps Specific ways to begin integrating application security into DevOps CI
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I clienti si aspettano il meglio che tu possa fornire per le loro app. Aggiungi funzionalità di intelligenza artificiale alle tue app che attireranno l'attenzione dei clienti sulla tua offerta, favorendone la scelta rispetto a quella della concorrenza.

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The first 24 hours after a breach

"This session will be about the process that takes place once a data breach occurs. The pressure is extremely high and various teams have to come together in this time of emergency, including incident response team, the board and the executive management, the PR team, risk management and legal. Goals are to strategize and minimize the damage, contain the threat, and ensure that the business continues running in spite of a major incident and at the same time public concerns and pressure are addressed in an efficient manner. Talk points: Getting the call Arriving on scene (first observations and attacker profile analysis) Crisis management with key internal tenants Evidence collection and preservation, digital forensic investigation and analysis"

Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security: It’s Not All About Stuxnet


Recently cyber attacks against Industrial Control Systems (ICS) used by utilities and other Critical Infrastructure organizations have hit the newlines worldwide. Stuxnet is the best known cyber attack against an industrial installation, but it's not the only one. But what if cyber attacks were not the biggest threat to industrial networks and systems? Although malware is still a major point of interest, the sword of Damocles for critical industrial networks is represented by system misuse performed by disgruntled employees, contractors and vendors, as well as unintentional mistakes, network and system misconfiguration; all this could lead to the divergence or failure of critical processes.

Why you Need Application Security


Inherent risks in web, mobile and cloud applications are keeping security practitioners up at night, according to the 2015 SANS survey on application security.In this webcast, learn about the growing threats against applications, why applications are so risky, why you need to include application security in your enterprise security program, and how to get started.

Fighting Fraud Schemes: Education, Response and Defense

Learn in detail the current financial scams in circulation from phishing and lottery scams, ATM and credit card skimming, among many others. Learn proactive defenses to prevent consumers and employers from falling victim. In today's world financial institutions and their customers are under increasing attacks by criminal elements attempting to obtain financial information to conduct identity theft, account takeovers, ATM fraud, Debit and Credit Card fraud, and numerous other types of check fraud and electronic crimes. These types of crimes amount to losses of over $20 billion per year to financial institutions, businesses and consumers. FBI statistics reported in Wired Magazine in 7/2006 reveal that 71% of all online fraud originated from within the U.S. in 2005.