Building Blocks for Your IT Security Program

Implementing effective asset discovery and vulnerability assessment are two of the most important first steps in improving IT security. Before you can protect your environment, you need to understand what assets you have across your cloud and on-premises environments, and be able to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities.
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Advanced Threat Hunting & Incident Response with CB ThreatHunter

Carbon Black

Enterprise security teams struggle to get their hands on the endpoint data they need to investigate and proactively hunt for abnormal behavior. Security and IT professionals currently lack the ability to see beyond suspicious activity and need a way to dive deeper into the data to make their own judgments. Start leveraging unfiltered data to make the most of your threat hunt. CB ThreatHunter - on our Predictive Security Cloud - allows for just that. Join our webinar to learn about: Our best-of-breed threat hunting. How to utilize unfiltered data gathered from all protected endpoints.
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Deploying Secure Modern Apps in Evolving Infrastructures

Security Boulevard

Software development is changing. It is now measured in days instead of months. Microservice architectures are preferred over monolithic centralized app architecture, and cloud is the preferred environment over hardware that must be owned and maintained. In this webinar, we examine how these new software development practices have changed web application security and review a new approach to protecting assets at the web application layer.
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OT & IoT Security Case Studies to Ensure Reliable Cyber Resilience

Uptime, disruption-free operations, and availability are important considerations for any OT and IoT security plan. Knowing the threats and ways to mitigate them is only half the battle. The other half involves aligning technology, assets, and knowledge base to secure the entire length and breadth of your business and its digital footprint.
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Key considerations for SaaS security and performance

Companies are turning to Software as a Service (SaaS) to ease their cloud transformation and increase agility. According to a Bettercloud survey, 73% of all companies say that nearly all of their apps will be SaaS by 2020. SaaS offers speed to market, great functionality, and lower IT operating costs. However, it can also create
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