California Consumer Privacy Act: Are You Prepared for 2020?

InfoSec Institute

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which gives residents more control over the use of their data and regulators increased powers to punish organizations, goes into effect on January 1, 2020. With California recently becoming the fifth largest economy in the world, the CPPA is expected to have wide-reaching impact.
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Cyber criminals can steal your personal information by tricking you with fraudulent emails. Security Awareness.


Cryptocurrency Fraud and Blockchain Forensic Analysis

Bank information security

When a total of $580 Million left two Cryptocurrency exchanges after a sophisticated compromise, LIFARS team was engaged in an investigation that involved FBI, US Secret Service, Europol, DHS, IRS and DOJ. This session will take you exclusively inside that investigation and discuss: Cryptocurrency fraud schemes, including real stories from the trenches; AML issues with bankers, hidden assets, payments by drug lords and ransomware; Blockchains role in tracking the transactions - and its limits.
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The Key Privileged Access and Security Implications of Granting Third-Party Vendor Access


Several different remote access solutions are built into Microsoft Windows to extend third-party vendors access to your systems. In this webinar, Windows and IT security expert Russell Smith weighs in on the pros and cons of using virtual private networks (VPNs), Workplace Join, Remote Desktop Services, and Web Application Proxy to provide third-party remote access.
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Enabling and Securing Remote Users of Teams

Microsoft recently reported that video calls on the Microsoft Teams platform grew more than 1,000% during the month of March, and they've added more than 12 million daily active users to the robust collaboration tool. According to Forrester, 85% of security breaches occur because of mismanaged licenses. Watch now to hear our sec
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Draft and Develop: A Solution to the Cyber Security Skills Shortage

Security Boulevard

By 2019, the nonprofit group ISACA predicts a global shortage of two million cyber security professionals. Security can no longer work in a silo-- they now need to communicate across the business and balance the needs of multiple stakeholders from product line managers to ops teams. Outreach’s CISO, Martin Rues, knew finding a candidate with the combination of DevOps, Security and Cloud would be a time-consuming exercise with low yield. He decided to invest in his teams and create an apprenticeship program to “draft and develop” internal talent, and groom then into the Cloud SecOps role that we required. Join Martin on July 26th at 1pm EDT to learn how he developed the apprenticeship program to build internal cloud security talent.
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