CEO's Role in the Fight Against Fraud

In today's era of digital fraud, CEOs need to have a thorough understanding of threats and risks as well as the urgency of properly assessing and responding to incidents. It is not IF but WHEN your organisation will suffer a security breach. Without this understanding and an ability to communicate it to all levels of the organization - businesses can sustain significant reputational and financial damage.
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Doculabs Videolabs. Doculabs’ Joe Shepley outlines the three reasons why information security is of critical importance to organizations in the pharmaceutical industry.


Application security threats

"Today's fastest-growing risk category is web application vulnerabilities. Join this live web event to better understand some of the common misconceptions around application security and hear some war stories from the field that demonstrate today's application security weaknesses. The presentation will take a look at: • How hackers are evolving to attack your applications • The most common application vulnerabilities • Remediation actions you can take to help limit your attack surface area • Considerations for designing security into your application."

Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security: It’s Not All About Stuxnet


Recently cyber attacks against Industrial Control Systems (ICS) used by utilities and other Critical Infrastructure organizations have hit the newlines worldwide. Stuxnet is the best known cyber attack against an industrial installation, but it's not the only one. But what if cyber attacks were not the biggest threat to industrial networks and systems? Although malware is still a major point of interest, the sword of Damocles for critical industrial networks is represented by system misuse performed by disgruntled employees, contractors and vendors, as well as unintentional mistakes, network and system misconfiguration; all this could lead to the divergence or failure of critical processes.

HP Cloud Security Total Infrastructure Model for Cyber Defence & Event logging


Cloudbytes is a Webinar/Webcast for the APAC region which would be held monthly for all the CSA chapter members. The CloudBytes program will look to bring the most important topics to the forefront for education and discussion.Security is one of the major barriers to cloud adoption and transformation when we think IT risks in order to contribute to business outcome.

Thwarting the Most Damaging Cyber Threats of 2014 and Beyond

"Heartbleed. Shellshock. POS malware. These are just a few of the security-related horror stories that have dominated the headlines this year. And while we only have a few months left in 2014, given the sophisticated nature of cyber-attacks these days, it's doubtful these will be the last. In the current landscape of fierce and frequent threats, it is not enough to protect your endpoints and data; you also need an efficient incident response system that can react within minutes to threats that get past your perimeter protection, in order to minimize damage to your organization and your customers. How do you protect your organization from advanced threats and ensure you have a robust incident response system in place that can detect and respond to attacks on your data? Join our panel of experts as they discuss the top security incidents this year and what you should be doing to ensure you have a comprehensive security system in place that allows you to Protect, Detect and Respond to attacks on your organization."