Combat Supply Chain Enterprise and Ecosystem Cybersecurity Threats

Combat Supply Chain Enterprise and Ecosystem Cybersecurity
As cyber attacks pose a growing, more serious threat to supply chain operations, our supply chains are not as secure as they should be. Supply chain leaders are not experts in cybersecurity, and they need to establish tight governance approaches with IT and security counterparts across the enterprise to protect supply chain IT, cyber-physical systems, and products. The threat vectors extend well beyond the enterprise, reaching into the third-party supply chain ecosystems. This complimentary webinar explores the cyber risks that supply chains face, and the steps supply chain leaders can take to manage those risks, including talent, collaboration and transparency approaches.
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Navigating the Modern Security Landscape

As cyber criminals grow bolder and more sophisticated, their methods evolve. Join Allen Jenkins, InterVision’s CISO & VP of Cybersecurity Consulting, as he explores the modern security landscape. Allen will discuss recent cybersecurity attacks – including a synopsis of the attack, its impact and deconstructing how the attack happened – and a review of mitigation steps that could help organizations prepare for and respond to these types of attacks, including:
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Cybersecurity Framework to Secure OT/ICS/SCADA Systems from Targeted Attacks

Join our experts in the digital event cybersecurity framework to secure OT/ICS/SCADA systems from targeted attacks With growing cyberattacks on ICS and SCADA systems, this is the time to revisit your OT cybersecurity measures and strategies to see if they are aligned with the new cyber realities that are already impacting businesses. The need of the hour is to invest in a robust yet an agile program that will reduce your risk exposure and deepen your institutional cyber resilience
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Why Security Awareness Should Not Stop at Phishing


If you’re keeping even half an eye on the InfoSec news cycle, you know how big of a problem phishing is. The annual Verizon data breach found again this year that phishing was the leading way for malware to enter networks, with the average company reporting that 94% of detected malware came in via email. Thirty-two percent of confirmed breaches started with phishing, again the most common tactic. It makes sense, then, that so much security awareness content out there is focused on this threat. Some vendors make their business on it almost completely, with this trend extending to the phishing simulator emerging as a key selling point for those in the security awareness business.
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Emerging Threats, Hackers and Attackers: Stories from the SOC

Alert Logic

Cyber attacks are ever-evolving and it can feel like you are struggling just to keep up. It’s time to get ahead of the game. Join us for the latest attack trends and threat insights from Alert Logic’s own SOC analysts. You’ll hear what’s happening on the front lines of cybersecurity defense, and which attack vectors are worth watching out for. We’ll also discuss the costs of running your own SOC and share some alternative approaches to get 24/7 dedicated coverage and better intelligence than you can access on your own.
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