Combat Supply Chain Enterprise and Ecosystem Cybersecurity Threats

Combat Supply Chain Enterprise and Ecosystem Cybersecurity
As cyber attacks pose a growing, more serious threat to supply chain operations, our supply chains are not as secure as they should be. Supply chain leaders are not experts in cybersecurity, and they need to establish tight governance approaches with IT and security counterparts across the enterprise to protect supply chain IT, cyber-physical systems, and products. The threat vectors extend well beyond the enterprise, reaching into the third-party supply chain ecosystems. This complimentary webinar explores the cyber risks that supply chains face, and the steps supply chain leaders can take to manage those risks, including talent, collaboration and transparency approaches.
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Cyber Value-at-Risk Webinar


Cyber Value-at-risk (VAR) offers a revolutionary industry approach helping Enterprises with effective cyber management and vulnerability remediation prioritization. Simply classifying risks in broad terms such as “high”, “medium” or “low” does not tell you a business story. Understanding the business impact of various technical cyber issues, including responses costs, replacement costs, and potential regulatory fines, allows a business vision into true cyber business risk. Why attends this webinar? 1) Understand how cyber security compliance issues can be subject to regulatory fines.
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A Modern & Secure Approach for Cyber Security Operation Centers

With 17,000 new cyber security threats discovered every week, finding a solution that improves flexibility, workflows, and the consolidation of data — while maintaining highly efficient monitoring and management capabilities is a must. This roundtable webinar brings Subject Matter Experts from Userful and Swimlane. The panel will discuss the importance of flexible solutions for Cyber Security Operations Centers, improvements for how your SOC manages and monitors critical security applications, and will recommend ways to improve the exchange of real-time data and collaboration between operators.
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2022 Critical Cybersecurity Technologies

The explosion of edges created by digital acceleration places an enormous strain on any cybersecurity infrastructure. Simply put, security has to be everywhere and traditional security approaches cannot handle today’s challenges.
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Harmonizing DNS Security and Secure Web Gateways

Have you joined the debate yet? Many have differing views on whether Secure Web Gateway (SWG) and DNS security are competing technologies and which they should deploy. We are diving into this subject in this webinar where we’ll explore the intersection between the two, the pros and cons of each, and what their gaps might be.
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