Crisis Communication After an Attack

Crisis Communication After an Attack Are you prepared? It’s headline news.  Cyber attackers are increasingly more sophisticated and data breaches are becoming common place.  Some say “it’s not a question of if you’ll be breached, but when”.  You need a plan. Even the most security-conscious organizations are not prepared for the necessary actions needed to gain control after a cyberattack. Preparing an emergency response communication plan keeps stakeholders informed following a breach.
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Have you prepared your AWS environment for detecting and managing security-related events? Do you have all the incident response training and tools you need to rapidly respond to, recover from, and determine the root cause of security events in the cloud? Even if you have a team of incident response


You’ve Been Breached. Now What?

"The headlines are full of stories of breach, and information security professionals are beginning to accept that security breaches are a ‘when?’, not an ‘if’. According to Verizon’s 2013 Data Breach Report, 50 percent of major companies have experienced malware attacks and, surprisingly, 17 percent of these companies didn’t even know they had been breached until it was too late. Most industry experts have declared perimeter defenses ineffective and are advocating that vendors build systems on the assumption that adversaries will get in. As large, high-profile organizations are hit time and time again with successful APT attacks, the pressure on security professionals is mounting and dealing with threats is overwhelming. The status quo is no longer acceptable and a new paradigm is needed to successfully defend the enterprise. This webinar explores why organizations need to consider the strengths of automated incident response and malware removal."

Gartner MQ for Web App Firewall


The new 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls (WAF) is based on detailed responses to questionnaires from experienced Web App Firewall customers. Attend the webinar and hear the experiences of major customers who participated in the Gartner MQ for WAF research and how they implemented web app firewall to protect their applications and critical data.

Data Protection and Compliance: Where Encryption Applies

"Organizations of all sizes face a number of industry and regulatory compliance mandates. Whether its PCI DSS, SOX, HIPPA or FISMA, these regulations are changing to accommodate the ever-growing threat to sensitive data. Join Dave Shackleford, IT security consultant and founder of Voodoo Security, as he breaks down these updated requirements and how to remain current while securing your business. Attend this webcast and learn: - Best practices for protecting data in today’s complex security landscape - Latest updates to compliance mandates pertaining to data encryption - What these updates mean to your security teams. "

Application Security Fundamentals

CA Technologies

Veracode CTO and Co-Founder Chris Wysopal addresses the fundamentals of application security. The webinar covers some real world examples of vulnerabilities being exploited, how we can reduce the number and severity of vulnerabilities in our applications, and automated software testing techniques