Cyber Security for Ports and Terminals Webinar

With the recent increase in cyber-attacks on maritime ports and terminals worldwide, more focus is being placed on strategies to reduce cyber risk at maritime facilities. So what does a U.S. Coast Guard compliant cyber security Facility Security Plan (FSP) look like? In 30-minute On-Demand webinars, Captain Dave Nichols, USCG (ret.) Director, Business Development ABS Advanced Solutions ans Cris DeWitt Senior Technical Advisor ABS will provide an overview on maritime facilities with a particular focus on ISPS Regulated Facilities and how the various policies, guidance, and regulations are interconnected. Specific areas being discussed are what the expectations should be for ISPS Regulated Facilities and how proper Cyber Risk.
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Your bags aren’t the only thing you can lose while travelling. Cybercriminals are ready to steal sensitive information from unsuspecting travelers, resulting in part for the record 16.7 million victims of identity theft in 2017. From booking your ticket and arriving at the hotel to making that


Open Data, Not Firewalls

Pantheon Platform

Data is best when shared. On your website, in the cloud. But sometimes you need a firewall, too. It’s a security thing. What if you could have it all—open data, firewall, and cloud? See how enterprises are opening data from behind the firewall to share with employees, constituents, and students, while running their Drupal and WordPress websites in the cloud. Watch this 40-minute webinar, Open Data, Not Firewalls now!

HAMMERTOSS: Stealthy Tactics Define a Russian Cyber Threat Group

The Russian cyber threat groups that we monitor frequently design innovative ways to cover their tracks. In early 2015, we came across a malware backdoor, which we call HAMMERTOSS, from an advanced persistent threat (APT) group that we suspect the Russian government sponsors.This group, APT29, employs HAMMERTOSS to compromise its targets. Using a variety of techniques—from creating an algorithm that generate daily Twitter handles to embedding pictures with commands—the developers behind HAMMERTOSS have devised a particularly effective tool. HAMMERTOSS uses Twitter, GitHub, and cloud storage services to relay commands and extract data from compromised networks.



Cyber threats are as unpredictable as the weather, which can make preparing and planning for them daunting and full of uncertainty. Join this webinar for an in-depth discussion of threat research where our security strategy expert walks you through the top trends, such as IoT botnets targeting System-on-Chip (SoC) devices, file less malware and -cha-ching! - the mining of digital currency.

Threat Intelligence-as-a-Service: Fortify Your Security Posture

LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, Inc.

Security organizations face numerous challenges, from increasingly large volumes of data and lack of tools and trained staff, to validate intelligence to the inability to operationalize threat intelligence. What’s required is a solution that addresses their business needs at every stage of the business cycle.