Cyber-Security Tips for Your Social Media Team

Financial Technologies Forum

As cyber-security skyrockets on the financial services’ priority list, one area of concern is social media. This free one-hour webinar brought together cyber-security and social media gurus to give concrete advice for how to incorporate cyber-security awareness into your social media strategy without sacrificing the very open nature of social media.
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Information Security Awareness Video & Poster Contest, an event that allows college students to win prizes, gain experience, and earn recognition by creating a PSA about information security. HEISC works to improve information security & privacy programs across the higher education sector.


Application Security Verification/Testing Approach

Software security testing is an integral part of the secure software development life cycle. Security bugs and flaws are different from other types of faults in software, but we are not in the dark, and don’t need to reinvent the wheels. A review of existing models, frameworks and standards that can help organizations excel in their software security testing efforts

Data-driven Cybersecurity Defense for Organizations and their Ecosystems

Security ScoreCard

Many companies rely on staticpoint-in-time security assessments to measure the cybersecurity health of their enterprise and vendor ecosystem. This approach is quickly becoming obsolete in today’s dynamic cyber threat landscape, fraught with increasingly sophisticated adversaries deploying malicious tactics to compromise your data.

Ransomware from a Hacker’s Perspective


As last weeks global Wannacrypt cyber attack has shown, Ransomware has indeed matured and its impact on business has grown exponentially. In the last week alone hackers encrypted hundreds of thousands of files across hundreds of countries globally, incapacitating users and taking whole networks hostage. So how best to proactively prevent attacks and gain access to your files in the event of an attack (without dishing out thousands)? Webinar: Ransomware from a Hacker’s Perspective - Understanding the Latest Tactics Success in defending your organisation against Ransomware starts with understanding both the most prevalent and the latest tactics being employed.

Panel: Defending Data in the Cloud

"Initiatives such as cloud computing, SaaS-based applications and distributed data analysis are imposing significant security risks on corporate, network, IT and business workflows. As a result, companies are looking at technologies and strategies to assure security while delivering the required cloud-based services. How do businesses maintain control and ownership of sensitive data as it moves fluidly across IT and organizational boundaries? To protect this data and meet compliance requirements, security approaches must evolve to protect the data itself as opposed to just putting walls around infrastructure."