“Cybersecurity: A Mid-Year Legal Review” Webinar

Cybersecurity is a top concern for GCs across industries. According to some estimates, as more corporate infrastructure moves online, the impact of data breaches will cost $2.1 trillion globally by 2019, almost four times the estimated cost of breaches in 2015.We invite you to join our attorneys (and fellow bloggers) Michael B. Hayes and David M. Brown and Capsicum Group’s Leeza Garber for a webinar June 25 on:Cyberattacks and why they are such a hot issue;How to guide your clients through a data breach;Landscape of existing federal and state laws you must consider in connection with cybersecurity and the potential impact of pending federal legislation on your cybersecurity and data breach notification responsibilities;Recent federal cybersecurity enforcement actions, penalties and trends (Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission);Class action case developments; and Looking forward – how you can mitigate your risks.
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Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have become a fact of life for any business with a web presence. Whether you’re an enterprise, e-commerce business, local organization, or government office – it’s merely a matter of time before you’re going to have to de


Stopping Tomorrow’s Attacks Today: a next-gen approach for advanced threats


Watch this on-demand webinar and get practical advice from Sophos security expert, John Shier, on how to protect your organization and combat today’s advanced threats. We will address social engineering, malware, and exploitation techniques.

Find Fast, Fix Fast: Reducing the Time-to-Fix for Your Application Security Issues

WhiteHat Security

While organizations realize that it is imperative to discover vulnerabilities and security issues in their applications, the importance of fixing those issues in a timely manner cannot be emphasized more. Often, companies don’t have time or resources to remediate vulnerabilities as rapidly as they are discovered and with cyber attacks becoming more frequent and sophisticated, this slowness of response can lead to irreparable data breaches.

Policy-driven, Risk-based Security

Cloud Coach

Policy is the corner stone of any risk-based security programme. Policies are put in place not only to govern the way organisations operate, but also to mitigate risks, and as such require board level backing and sign-off. Yet when it comes to security programmes information risk, both internally and externally, is often presented in terms un-meaningful to the board of directors. Using real world example, this session will present a model for effective risk-based security that engages senior executives.

The Third Annual Information Security Survey: What's top of mind for InfoSec leaders in securing the data center


"Join Demetrios Lazarikos (Laz), two-time former CISO, former PCI QSA, and Founder of Blue Lava Consulting, as he presents the findings on securing the data center from his company’s third annual Information Security survey, based on the responsesfrom over 300 InfoSec leaders and practitioners. This discussion will be critical for attendees as they prepare for the annualRSA conference to learn: What’s top of mind for InfoSec executives in securing the data center. Which technologies they should be evaluating as part of their InformationSecurity program."