Cybersecurity: Bridging the Gap Between Physical Security and IT / IoT

On Monday, Dec. 11, as part of the SIA Webinar series, a webinar titled Cybersecurity: Bridging the Gap between Physical Security and IT/IoT covered best practices from edge to core hardening, bridging cyberprotection techniques, and technologies that help unify disparate technologies into a common cybersecurity framework. Speakers Vince Ricco (Axis Communications) and Ken Mills (Dell EMC) discussed how successful practitioners are hardening the physical security edge, enabling the authentication of devices systemwide and utilizing IT and IoT methodology to secure the enterprise.
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Top Ten Ways to Handle Contracts Effectively In-House

Handling a large number of contracts is a fact of life for most in-house attorneys – with an ever-increasing volume and tight deadlines, even before a M&A or other event triggers a voluminous contract review. But it doesn’t have to be chaotic or disorganized: with the right processes and tools you can provide strong, responsive
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How to Secure Your Applications Against API Attacks

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are the basic building blocks to enabling business applications and software to communicate and share data. Therefore, cyber-attacks targeting APIs can be a major headache to businesses, potentially leading to large-scale data breaches as well as causing massive disruption. Yet, API security has never been more broken, with security teams unprepared for surging levels of attacks targeting these software intermediaries. In this webinar, a panel of experts will review the state of API cybersecurity and provide insights into how to protect these interfaces from an increasingly high volume of attacks. Join this session to learn:
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IFAC TAG Webinar on Cyber Security


In today’s digital age, many people have at some point wondered whether their online accounts have been compromised or have been part of a large data breach. Like a lot of the issues that make the news on a regular basis, we can become desensitized to cyber risks, but it is imperative, especially for organizations of all sizes, to be vigilant and educate their employees and stakeholders on proper protocols and procedures for minimizing risk. Accounting professionals are in a unique position to address cybersecurity.
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The Role of Threat Intelligence in Cyber Resilience

Omnibus healthcare information security

When security controls fail, can you detect unusual and anomalous activity with sufficient context to accurately ascertain the risk to the organization? Most organizations don't even know when security controls have failed. This is a primary reason why intrusions exist in organizations for upwards of 200 days before being discovered. Additionally, heuristic and homogeneous alerts provide virtually zero context about anomalous activity inside the internal network and do nothing to help cyber defense teams prioritize and correctly remediate cyberattacks.
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