CyberSecurity CopyPortfolio Webinar

2018 was the year big tech & govt’s struggled with CyberSecurity breaches - Cyber is now an investment trend. Watch eToro's webinar with International Broadcaster, Elliott Gotkine & eToro’s CEO, Yoni Assia as they discuss cyber security.
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Industrial Cybersecurity: Is Your Facility Protected?

Just last year, cybercriminals attempted to poison the water supply in Florida by hacking into a city’s system. An airplane manufacturer’s confidential customer data files were breached and leaked on the Internet. A major gas pipeline was shut down by a ransomware attack. A major meat producer was forced to close down all its plants. Hackers are now targeting industrial and infrastructure. At the same time, more and more facilities are going to connected operations to empower new efficiencies. How do we keep our facilities protected amid these growing dangers and opportunities?
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The Gartner Top Cybersecurity Predictions for 2021-2022

Enterprises had to accelerate their digital initiatives in a short time, which forced organizations to control and manage disruptions to their business. As security and risk management leaders handle the recovery and renewal phases from the past two years, they must consider forward-looking strategic planning assumptions when allocating resources and selecting products and services. How do security and risk management leaders keep pace with the future of digital? In this complimentary webinar, discover the top predictions prepared by our cybersecurity experts for 2022. You’ll understand how to have a successful cybersecurity program built for the digital era, as global change could potentially be one crisis away.
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Inside the Front Lines of Cyber Defense

Alert Logic

A Security Operations Center (SOC) provides proactive threat monitoring, threat detection, and advice to stop threats quickly. But you may be surprised at what goes on behind the scenes to keep you safe. Hear first-hand how our SOC team works tirelessly to thwart attackers — from the analysts themselves. We’ll also discuss Alert Logic’s new cybersecurity report which shows how broad, continuous assaults of massive scale dominate today’s attacks.
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Cybersecurity in a Changed World: 2021 Trends and 2022 Predictions

If 2020 seemed like an anomaly, 2021 proved to us that it’s time to get comfortable with the transformed reality. Remote work, intended as a temporary response to COVID-19, is now an increasingly standardized way to operate. With face-to-face operations no longer the norm, numerous organizations have shifted to a technology-driven strategy. We’ve seen a rise in initiatives like self-service or online purchases, as well as an upturn in remote events, with many new or established conferences choosing to go virtual. Businesses are also investing in technology more than ever, growing their IT infrastructure with new software and IoT devices. However, as can be expected, new or enhanced cybersecurity threats went hand and hand with this unexpected digital renaissance.
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