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2018 was the year big tech & govt’s struggled with CyberSecurity breaches - Cyber is now an investment trend. Watch eToro's webinar with International Broadcaster, Elliott Gotkine & eToro’s CEO, Yoni Assia as they discuss cyber security.
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Digital transformation (DX) priorities support of a variety of business initiatives that can drive business decisions and innovation. Yet many firms struggle to discover, assess and control the devices that enable DX. In this ESG Solution Showcase, Jon Oltsik, senior principal analyst of the Enterprise Strategy Group, examines C


How Malware Evades Common Prevention Solutions


The continual evolution of cyber threats provides a challenge to accepted security controls and prevention solutions. In this webinar, we examine the question – are the measures you have implemented enough to keep your assets safe? Topics covered include anti-virus and sandbox concepts, and the ease with which they can be bypassed.

"The State of Web Security: An Analysis of Common Malware Attacks"

menlo security

"There are now more than 1 billion websites in existence, with more than 100,000 additional ones created every day. The Web is the primary attack vector for the vast majority of malware. Join Kowsik Guruswamy, CTO of Menlo Security, as he presents the findings of a recent study on the security vulnerabilities of the world's most popular websites. This webinar will cover: - A review of the findings of a recent Menlo Security Vulnerability report into the top 1m website and their security vulnerabilities. - An analysis of the current state of web security, it's evolution and why it is not effective in blocking modern malware attacks. - An introduction to the concept of ""Isolation Security'. - A demonstration of the innovation Menlo Security Isolation Platform, illustrating how to eliminate web-borne malware."

Cloud and Security - Can they Co-Exist?

"Enterprises still don’t trust the cloud for their sensitive workloads. Are their concerns reasonable? Are they inevitable? In this briefing, Frost & Sullivan examines perceptions and realities associated with cloud security and recommends ways to mitigate risk. Why You Should Attend: • Understand the “risk premium” ascribed to the cloud versus the private data center. • Learn why the cloud requires new processes for governance and compliance. • Hear why traditional security approaches, such as asset protection, are not relevant to a cloud environment. • Understand how to build a holistic approach to cloud security"

Beyond BYOD: 2013 Mobile Security Survey Results

Information Security Media Group

Organizations of all sizes are dealing with the solution - mobility - before they even have had adequate time to manage the risks of the challenge: How do we secure the systems and data accessed broadly by employees' mobile devices? The Beyond BYOD: Mobile Security Strategies Survey, sponsored by Accellion, looks at how organizations will address today's top mobile security challenges