Cybersecurity in Education and Training

In chapter seven of, “Protecting Our Future: Educating A Cybersecurity Workforce” published in 2013 by Hudson Whitman/ Excelsior College Press, entitled, “Cybersecurity in Education and Training,” a tour-d-force was presented covering comprehensively from workforce definition to development, from global to local, from theoretical education to hands-on-training, from government to private sector roles and responsibilities the ever changing landscape of this dynamic and critical field.
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"Insurance fraud is identified as a significant revenue loss for insurance providers. It costs U.S. property and casualty insurers approximately $30 billion annually and in the UK, insurance fraud is currently more than a $1.6 billion a year."


Lowering Cyber Risk in Financial Services

"The second in our Lowering Cyber Risk series with a focus on the Financial Services and helping to meet SOX compliance requirements. Cyber Risk is the Risk most underestimated by businesses according to the 2015 Allianz Risk Barometer. Learn how organisations are able to lower Cyber Risks associated with Loss Reputation, Business Interruption, and Loss of Customer Data, and thus improving Detection and Response capability. Discover how you can help to meet SOX compliance requirements by utilising User Behavioural Analytics, monitoring the user’s access to critical systems with required surveillance, forensics and reporting user access. Plus, see a LIVE DEMO with an example of an internal employee attempting to exfiltrate data from critical systems on a Financial Services environment."

5 Steps to Managing Security Risk from Your Software Vendors

Application Security is rising to the top of the agenda for Security and Engineering executives. According the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), 75% of new attacks target the application layer. The 2009 Verizon Data Breach report states that "Financial Services firms were singled out and fell victim to some very determined, very sophisticated and - unfortunately - very successful attacks in 2008. This industry accounted for 93% of the over 285 million records compromised".

"How to Secure Your Mobile Workforce Across Hybrid Data Environments"

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"Whether your data resides on-premises, in a cloud, or distributed across a hybrid environment, you’ll learn how to securely support a growing mobile workforce. In this webinar you will also learn: 1. The types of apps being adopted and deployed in the enterprise today and into the future 2. How the decision to support bring your own device (BYOD) affects the ability to secure corporate data traveling through and to mobile devices 3. How to ensure you’re meeting the needs of mobile users while providing secure bidirectional communications with a strong user experience"

Understand and Protect the Modern Attack Surface


Join Cylance® as we discuss effective methods of risk management across three main components of the modern attack surface – endpoints, applications, and users. Each component brings with it varying methods of attack and strategies for threat mitigation. In this webinar, Cylance will discuss best practices for minimizing and protecting these critical aspects of your attack surface.