Cybersecurity knowledge gap not uniform across sectors

Workers in finance know more than workers in other industries about cubersecurity, according to a report from Proofpoint. After analyzing more than 100 million answers to cybersecurity questions from employees in 16 industries, Proofpoint found that finance workers answered 80% of questions correctly. Transportation and education sector workers had the least knowledge among the various sectors, answering 24% of questions correctly on average, Proofpoint determined.
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Cybersecurity in a Cloud-Based World


Cyberattacks are the fastest growing crime in the U.S., and they are increasing in size, sophistication and cost. During this webcast, subject matter expert Duane Anderson will: Discuss the major vulnerabilities within cloud-based systems. Explain why it’s critical to keep these systems secure. Provide simple actions (ex. browser settings) that can be taken to protect against hacks.
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We will be hosting a live webinar on Monday 10 December 2018 at 4pm CET to discuss some of the key findings in the report. Moderated by John Malpas, Publishing Director at Legal Week, the panel will be joined by Andrea Simandy, European Data Protection Attorney at Microsoft, Dora Petranyi, CEE Managing Director at CMS and Dominic Carman, Writer and Consultant, who worked with the Legal Week Intelligence team on the research and writing for the report.
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How Zero Trust can help protect financial services networks


Is Zero Trust really achievable given the complexity in financial service organisations, especially considering limited staff, mergers and acquisitions and compliance pressures? Join SC and ForeScout to learn how to embrace Zero Trust to: Proactively combat today’s high frequency and sophistication of cyberattack. Gain unparalleled situational awareness of malicious activity. Prevent the transfer of sensitive data and money. Simplify adherence to compliance regulations.
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A DNS Security Architecture as SecOps Force Multiplier

The Domain Name System (DNS) is essentially the central nervous system of the internet—everyone needs it to work because without DNS services, digital business would come to a halt. Cybercriminals know this, too, and use DNS services to launch their attacks while they simultaneously attack the DNS services of their targets.
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