Cybersecurity webinar series - IT security under attack

"A single vulnerability is all an attacker needs"~ A cybersecurity saying that fits with the facts even till date. Security incidents frequently make the headlines, and it is always a surprise when the walls of highly protected infrastructures are breached. More often than not, when security attacks happen on organizations, investigative reports only reveal the less intrusive details, and avoid disclosing confidential information that may impact IT security.
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Who Secures the Inbox Best? An Analysis of 3 Million Emails

Email is the number one cause of all cyber breaches. Yet, today's anti-phishing solutions haven't proven up to the task. As hackers step up their game, so too must email security. Recently, Avanan analyzed three million emails to understand how Microsoft Defender, and others, fare against the most sophisticated phishing threats.
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Social media and email phishing: How to protect financial information from fraudsters

Channel Futures

Email phishing remains a top security threat. Even smart and savvy people are fooled everyday by these malicious emails. They’re even harder to spot now that bad actors use information from social media to personalize their attacks against your customers and your business. In this webinar, Brian Wickenhauser, Mastercard’s Vice President of Security Events Management, will share examples of phishing attempts, how to spot them, ways to combat them and tips for improved safety – all important information to add to your security training programs.
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Cyber-security is an increasing challenge for the shipping industry and Nautilus is stepping in to help members by co-hosting a special training webinar for seafarers in September. With high profile ransomware attacks on shipping companies such as Maersk and COSCO, operators are under pressure to improve their cyber-security and to develop improved measures to protect their systems from attack. However, there is evidence that many companies are not doing enough to educate seafarers about the risks of cyber-attacks or how to avoid them. Research by Nautilus showed that 86% of crew had never received any cyber security training from their employers. The Union is teaming up with security experts Appsecco and their specialist maritime division ShipSecure, to hold a webinar to raise awareness of cyber security issues onboard.
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Enabling and Securing Remote Users of Teams

Microsoft recently reported that video calls on the Microsoft Teams platform grew more than 1,000% during the month of March, and they've added more than 12 million daily active users to the robust collaboration tool. According to Forrester, 85% of security breaches occur because of mismanaged licenses. Watch now to hear our sec
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