Cyberthreats in the Internet of Things

On July 16, 2019, Nathan Salminen, Allison Holt, and Paul Otto from the Hogan Lovells Privacy and Cybersecurity and Litigation teams presented a webinar, “Cyberthreats in the Internet of Things” where they explored some techniques that can be used to exploit potential vulnerabilities in connected devices and how those types of events impact organizations from a regulatory and litigation perspective. Many of the nearly 20 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices deployed worldwide perform critical functions or have access to networks that process highly sensitive information. The proliferation of connected devices across industry sectors has led to the emergence of a significant and distinct threat to many types of organizations, from electric utilities deploying IoT devices across its smart grid to financial institutions using IoT devices in conference rooms that may connect to the same network that financial data flows through.
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The Latest on Ransomware

Trend Micro

Ransomware has wreaked havoc on many organizations, causing financial losses, reputation damage, temporary or permanent loss of sensitive or proprietary information, and the list goes on. And as if that isn’t enough, the actors behind this threat have constantly changed their tactics and who they target—making security that much trickier.
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Strengthening Industrial Cybersecurity with Internal Segmentation

This session shares recent changes in the ICS cyber threat landscape and introduces EdgeIPS™ Pro, developed by TXOne Networks to provide ICS network segmentation, trust lists, and virtual patch technology to make up the new cybersecurity foundations of your shop floor network.
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TW-NL Cyber Opportunity Webinar

In the era of globalization, as the international division of labor goes deeper, the industrial development shifts from “manufacturing economy to service economy” and “from hardware manufacturing to soft manufacturing.” The manufacturing industry aims to enhance its international competitiveness with the added value created by the service industry. As a major producer of global ICT products, Taiwan plays an important role in the security industry supply chain during the China-U.S. trade war. It is high time Taiwan develops “Internet of Things Security” and “Secure Internet of Things” with its complete semiconductor industry supply chain. To grasp this opportunity, Taiwanese manufacturers are striving to become not only product suppliers but also cyber security solution providers by taking advantage of the global cyber security research and development. By offering products with distinguishing cyber security functions to customers based on their needs, Taiwanese manufacturers are expecting to create higher added value.
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Learn the Security and Privacy Best Practices to Manage the New California Privacy Regulations


Data security is moving to the top of the executive agenda, with companies paying more attention to what data they have, and how to protect it. Organizations are rolling out more access controls and upgrading their monitoring and assessment capabilities to best manage new regulations on the horizon. California’s passing of the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CaCPA) on June 28 and adoption of a set of amendments to the law in September has proven to be a strong catalyst for a new focus on data security.
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