Data Security: 3 Ways to Protect Your Company from the Inside Out

There seems to be news of a major data breach in the headlines almost every week. Conventional wisdom suggests that securing the network and perimeter of an IT environment should be enough to protect a company from a breach – but what if that breach originates internally? How can a situation like this be averted? Today companies need to protect themselves from the inside out by first recognizing which of their data is sensitive and then ensuring that it’s properly secured.
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Active Directory Best Practices to Frustrate Attackers

Black Hills Information Security

Active Directory out of the box defaults aren’t enough to keep your network safe. Here’s the word on the street about frustrating attackers in your Active Directory environment. It’s easy to make things hard. But it’s not hard to make things easy. Spin that how you will, running Active Directory efficiently isn’t necessarily easy, but it certainly can be easy to make things hard for attackers in your environment. Here are some baseline things you can do to make your Active Directory environment frustrating for attackers. Attackers’ main resource is time, and if you can slow them down and frustrate them, you have a better chance of making attackers look for easier targets, or at least more time for your response team to identify and protect your assets.

"How E-Signatures Enable Online Permitting at USDA"

How E-Signatures Enable Online Permitting at USDA

Caught in the Net: Effective Defence Against Phishing Attacks

Menlo Security

Phishing is serious business. It is the most common targeted method of cyber attacks, and the main perpetrators for phishing attacks are organized crime syndicates and state-affiliated actors. Despite multiple security defense layers and many hours and dollars spent on end-user training, phishing continues to create headaches for security administrators.

Man-in-the-Browser Attacks: Strategies to Fight the Latest Round in Online Fraud


Business banking account fraud cases have dramatically increased in 2010. In order to remain secure, it is essential for banks to understand new strategies fraudsters are implementing and the latest trend and threats. Attend this session to discover: The current state of online fraud - latest threats, trends, and vulnerabilities; How to protect against attacks - including "man-in-the-browser", Steps to secure your largest and most lucrative Business Account customers.