Database Security Threats: Risks to Your Data

"Today, businesses leverage confidential and mission critical data that is often stored in traditional, relational databases or more modern, big data platforms. Understanding the key threats to database security and how attackers use vulnerabilities to gain access to your sensitive information is critical to deterring a database attack.

Join this webinar to learn about the latest threats and how to remediate them"
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Project 2020 is an initiative of the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA). Its aim is to anticipate the future of cybercrime, enabling governments, businesses and citizens to prepare themselves for the challenges and opportunities of the coming decade. It comprises a range of act


National Small Business Week with Vision Computer Solutions: Cyber Security 101

Vision Computer Solutions

National Small Business Week is an annual week aimed at small and medium-sized business growth in all industries. In an effort to amplify National Small Business Week in Michigan. Vision Computer Solutions took part in a series of three 30-minute webinars to Michigan Chamber Partners all across the state of Michigan.

Cyber Security: Protecting Assets


With viewers consuming content on an increasing array of devices and platforms and the virtualisation of workflows, the task of protecting assets has never been so complicated and costly. Add to this the fact that the media industry is a high-profile target for hackers and it becomes clear that cyber security is at the top of the agenda for all those involved in the media supply chain. Join this IBC365 webinar, sponsored by Juniper Networks, to hear from senior industry figures who will examine where the weaknesses lie in the production, delivery and distribution workflow and consider what can be done to address vulnerabilities and make sure that film and TV is consumed as intended by broadcasters, platforms and content owners.

Top 5 Cloud Security Predictions for 2016

According to the 2015 Alert Logic Cloud Security Report, an increase in cloud migration has positioned these particular environments as mainstream deployments, and continued migration to the cloud is only expected to increase in the coming year. What does this mean for the security of your cloud environment? And how will an uptick in cloud adoption affect the 2016 threat landscape? Join Alert Logic Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder Misha Govshteyn and Senior Director, Product Management Rahul Bakshi as they present their predictions for the state of cloud security in 2016, including: • The rise of cloud adoption and how businesses will approach the cloud • What the threat landscape for cloud environments will look like • How data and analytics will evolve to meet cloud adoption • And much more You’ll get a clear view of what expert security researchers are expecting in the coming year for organizations like yours who are leveraging the power of cloud infrastructure

5 Questions to Ask Your Software Provider About Cybersecurity

Synopsys Inc

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first steps to get that great IoT idea of yours into production. You’ve even hired a team of engineers to build out your dream. But in the rush to market, security (and software security in particular) cannot be an afterthought with IoT. Unlike a server crash in an enterprise environment, failure of an IoT device or component can result in direct physical harm. Think of medical devices. Or connected cars. Or industrial control systems. So, are you doing all you can to make sure your software does not contain weaknesses and vulnerabilities that could bite you later on down the road? In this talk I'll discuss the need for software testing, early and often, both known and unknown vulnerabilities. Not only for the code you create in house, but also for the code you adopt from outside sources -- up to 90% can come from sources outside of your control. Topics covered include static analysis, fuzz testing, software composition analysis, interactive application security testing, and test optimization.