Database Surveillance and Protection: 3 Ways to Stop Hackers

Data thieves are opportunistic, looking for unprotected databases in the forgotten digital corners of your company. They are content to steal any data that lies within easy reach. Large companies are especially vulnerable. With hundreds or even thousands of databases spread throughout business units and across multiple geographies, it is only a matter of time until your unprotected data is accessed and stolen. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be complicated, tedious or expensive to protect all of your sensitive data with a database monitoring solution. The right database monitoring solution can also provide visibility into data usage and simplify compliance audits. Join us for this webinar to learn: •Benefits of database monitoring over native audit tools •Factors to consider before investing in database audit and protection •3 specific ways to leverage database monitoring for improved security
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Data exfiltration, network breach, identity theft, brand defacement... Enterprises are under attack. Traditional security methods have been unable to keep up with hackers in today's changing application environment. 


The Magnificent Seven – Best Practices for Cloud Security

"If you’re using or considering cloud, you should also be considering security in the cloud. Join our webinar where we will talk through seven practical best practice ideas for ensuring security in any cloud environment, from securing code and creating access management policies to understanding your cloud providers security model and where you need to assume security responsibility. We will explore real-world data about security incident threats identified in Alert Logic’s Cloud Security Report. This will help you understand the types of attacks happening in the cloud today, how the threat landscape has evolved as cloud adoption has accelerated in the last several years, but also how you can secure your organisation and avoid them."

"Cloud Security Report 2015: What You Need to Know"

"With the upcoming release of the Cloud Security Report, Alert Logic will open the doors to our research team and give you insight into how we gather data to prepare the cloud security report. Register for this live webinar as Alert Logic ActiveIntelligence team manager Martin Lee provides insight into the key resources used by our staff to find the latest data and then explore what our research team does with the information. This webinar will also cover: • Macro-trends uncovered in this years report, • The evolving threats in the cloud"

The Best Defense Against Cyber Attacks You’ve Never Heard Of.

PhishMe, Inc

With all the attention paid to the technological sophistication of cyber attacks, as well as to the new technologies arising to strengthen defense, one fact often gets overlooked: Security is fundamentally about people. The adversary is an intelligent actor – while the target is often human as well. The compromise of sensitive information or functionality may be in the crosshairs, but it’s people that are often targeted to gain a foothold inside the victim organization, through techniques such as phishing or social engineering. But here’s the secret: In this targeting lies one of the most unsuspected – but potentially rich – assets to defense an organization can have.

Cybersecurity Year In Review and 2016 Preview

Center for Internet Security

"The advent of new business-centric technologies such as social networking, cloud computing, the domination of mobile technologies, and advances in the Internet of Things and the exchange of electronic information has morphed the cyber security threat landscape and will continue to present significant challenges for years to come. The recent slurry of data breaches and privacy issues in the news such as hacker groups such as "Anonymous" and data breaches at OPM, Sony, Target, and Home Depot have propelled cyber security to the front page of the media world on an almost daily basis. We will examine some of these real world examples from a look back at 2015 and take a look at where the security threat landscape is headed in 2016. We will also focus on the methods and best security practices and programs agencies can implement to stay ahead of it in order to safeguard the own organizations from data breaches, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT's) and other security and privacy concerns."