Death of Windows XP Gives Life to Hackers

"If you're a small- or medium-sized business running Windows XP, you've likely heard that support will be cut off for the 13-year-old operating system in less than three weeks. But you may not have heard what impact that will have on your company's security and compliance.

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What Windows XP ""end-of-life"" exactly means to the security of your business.
Why you should especially care about this if you take credit cards for payment.
How you can safeguard your business and remain compliant."
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The demand from modern enterprises and cloud IT organizations to enable rapid application rollout, control
application security and quality of experience (QoE) and guarantee SLA poses new and significant challenges.


Compelling Reasons to use Vulnerability Intelligence

"Dealing with the threat of cyber-attacks becomes more complex as the methods used by hackers to break into organizations and steal valuable assets become more sophisticated. Business leaders panic when hearing about the risks of advanced targeted attacks (ATA), advanced persistent threat (APT) and other acronyms. As fairly simple techniques are all it takes to exploit vulnerabilities, and vulnerability exploitation is behind the majority of security breaches, one of the challenges organizations face in the race against cyber-attacks is acquiring trusted information about vulnerabilities to enable security teams to define strategies to mitigate risk. In this webinar we will talk about the reasons why vulnerability intelligence is a critical part of an information security strategy. We will discuss how vulnerability research, and the intelligence derived from it, can help organizations improve their security posture"

Assessing Cloud Apps Risk

"Mirror mirror on the wall who's the riskiest of them all? It's no secret that companies are adopting cloud applications like Office 365, Google Apps, Dropbox and Salesforce to help improve their business. With the cost savings and increased scale and efficiency of the cloud, who could blame them? But what some companies tend to overlook is that there is a level of risk when it comes to each of these apps, and that it can differ based on each company's use case. Do you know what cloud applications are running in your infrastructure today? How about the ones putting your sensitive data at the most amount of risk? Do you have a way of finding out? In this webinar Chris Hines, Product Manager at Bitglass will teach you what's necessary when it comes to determining your company's riskiest cloud applications."

Cyber Threats to Watch in 2019: Key Takeaways from our webinar with the FBI Cyber Squad

Digital Shadows

The fines coming from the E.U.’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation are going to be doled out throughout 2019, which also means there will be a lot more reporting of these breaches in mainstream media outlets. However, if companies are transparent with GDPR investigators then it could net them a reduced fine, as seen with German chat platform Knuddels.

"3 Ways to Protect Sensitive Company Data With Online Identities"

In the IoT era, billions of devices, people and things require an identity. Find out how you can use identities to step up security within your organisation and protect your sensitive information. In this presentation we will introduce 3 practical tips that are easy to implement and scalable.