Defending against ransomware through comprehensive data lifecycle management

Defending against ransomware through
Don’t miss this insightful webinar on Data Lifecycle Management (DLM) solutions and discover how this comprehensive approach can defend your organization against the threats of ransomware
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Information is power: The role of threat intel in cloud security

Cloud security is complex. Join Omdia’s expert cybersecurity analysts as they discuss the complex nature of cloud security and provide insights into everything from threat intel and SaaS to infrastructure- and platform-as-a-service, customer responsibilities, emerging trends, and the kinds of tools available to help.
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Endpoint Security Got You Down? No PowerShell? No Problem

Black Hills Information Security

Do your PowerShell scripts keep getting caught? Tired of dealing with EDRs & Windows Defender every time you need to pop a box? In this one-hour webcast, we introduce a somewhat new Red Team approach that we call BYOI (Bring Your Own Interpreter). Turns out, by harnessing the powah of C# and the .NET framework you can embed entire interpreters inside of a C# binary. This allows you to dynamically access all of the .NET API from a scripting language of your choosing without going through Powershell in any way! We also cover some basic .NET & C# concepts in order to understand why this is possible and all the hype surrounding offensive C# tradecraft.
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After the Data Breach: Stolen Credentials

Security Boulevard

When usernames and passwords are compromised in a data breach, the consequences extend far beyond the victim organization due to rampant password reuse. For this reason, NIST recently recommended that organizations check users’ credentials against a set of known compromised passwords. However, by patroning dark web forums and paying for spilled credentials, enterprises indirectly support the criminal ecosystem. Furthermore, attackers often don’t publicly post stolen data until months or years after the breach, if at all. Is there a better way to follow NIST guidelines and protect users from account takeover? Join Justin Richer, co-author of NIST Digital Identity Guidelines 800-63B, and Gautam Agarwal, Shape's Senior Director of Product Management, for a lively discussion on NIST’s password recommendations and how best to prevent account takeover fraud at your organization.
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Catch the Intruder in his Tracks - Advanced Threat Hunting


The threat landscape has evolved significantly over the past twenty plus years, this webinar will highlight these changes and reveal how threats have advanced. The latest security paradigm for the endpoint detection and response will be brought to light and the implications for organisations debated.
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