Detect Ransomware Before it’s Too Late with AlienVault USM


"You'll learn:

How AlienVault USM detects communications with the command and control server
How the behavior is correlated with other signs of trouble to alert you of the threat
Immediate steps you need to take to stop the threat and limit the damage."
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Be Prepared To Defend Against Cyber Attacks. Protect patient data. Detect threats. Mitigate risks. Visit the Cyber Security Command Center at HIMSS17, booth 376.


Turning the Tables on Cryptojacking


It seems that criminal hackers are always a few steps ahead of everyone else and the recent onset of cryptojacking is a great example. In this webinar, independent information security consultant, professional speaker, and writer of Hacking For Dummies, Kevin Beaver, outlines what cryptomining and cryptojacking are and how they impact your business. He discusses strategies and tactics that you can use to ensure that your network and computer cycles are not used for someone else’s gains. From security policies and standards to endpoint controls to user training, this latest malware craze can be beaten but you must first understand it. Watch the replay and leave better prepared to address this threat.

Protecting the Exchange of Sensitive Customer Data with Your Vendors


For financial institutions, data security is both an operational and regulatory imperative. A bank or financial services provider that fails to protect a customer's financial data faces the threat of losing customers, tarnishing their reputation and eventually losing competitive advantage. There are some key questions you should think about when it comes to securing your customers' important financial data, including: How does regulatory compliance, like GLBA, affect the way your data needs to be handled & audited? Who has access to your sensitive files? What would the impact be if these files, including sensitive customer data, were compromised? Where and when is this data being sent.

Overcoming Cloud & Security Challenges


74% of Healthcare organizations report leveraging the Cloud to achieve financial savings and operational efficiencies. However, recent findings show over 60% of these organizations are experiencing Cloud adoption challenges and Security anxiety. It is essential for Healthcare organizations to overcome these challenges as there is a much larger digital transformational trend ahead, where Cloud will become a crucial component of patient care innovation. Join Healthcare IT veterans from Microsoft & Synoptek, as they discuss the future of Cloud for Healthcare and best practices to help you overcome Cloud challenges and achieve higher levels of operational efficiency, security, and HIPAA compliance in the Cloud.



Learn How You Can Help Your Organization Manage Passwords and Avoid Catastrophic Data Breaches.