Detecting Abnormal Technology Systems Behavior

If your IBM I is collecting the data, that is a great first step, but now you have to try to make sense out of all of that data. Given the sheer volume of data, it is not reasonable to expect some person (or team of people more likely) is going to pore over the data every day looking for anomalies, red flag them for review, and escalate the issue quickly to mobilize a response.
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In 2015, the Government of Canada introduced a number of legislative amendments and programs in an effort to keep pace with the digital economy and growing cyberthreats to Canadian businesses and citizens. These initiatives, meant to strengthen our collective cyberresiliency, require Canadian busine


The End Point Protection Conundrum: Inside Looking Out or Outside Looking In?

"Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) has taken on a life of its own over the past year. Despite some differences, most solutions tend to agree on the type of protection needed for the core network. Where things start to come apart is when you introduce the end user into the equation and how to protect the network from an internal error, deliberate maliciousness or even criminal intent. End point protection, in all of its various forms, must be a key component of any ATP solution and integrated into the process of Prevent, Detect and Mitigate. This session will focus on the overall issue and how the Fortinet ATP solution addresses this matter"

"Internal Segmentation Firewall: Securing the Network from the Inside-Out"


"Organisations have focused on building defences across the borders of their networks, leaving the internal network flat and open. However, advanced threats use this to their advantage because, once inside, they get free access to the entire enterprise network and assets. In this webinar we will present: 1.The state of enterprise security 2.Hard on the outside and chewy on the inside – internal network risks 3.Internal Segmentation Firewall to the rescue – protecting the network from the inside-out "

How to Establish Visibility, Governance and a Security Culture for Multi-Cloud

Dimension Data

Is cloud security your top priority, or it is languishing somewhere on a never-ending to do list? A user-driven cloud revolution has left IT and security professionals struggling to establish visibility of data and services, and unable to regain control of the risks associated with dispersed data and multiple cloud identities. So how should organizations regain control and begin putting the “frogs back into the box” for multi-cloud security? In this webinar, we will look at how to get ahead with cloud, build a ‘cloud culture’ into your business, underpinned by a platform approach to avoid further complicating the picture to get the most from the cloud, whilst also managing the challenges of data everywhere, multiple cloud identities, mobile connections and global compliance.

Webinar: (ISC)2 Health Care Information Security and Privacy Practitioner (HCISPP) Training-Why HCISPP?

National Cybersecurity Institute

The best defense against ever-present and rising cyber threats and attacks is a well-trained cyber workforce. Our cybersecurity training portfolio covers the skills you need to get from the foundational level to expert level of cyber professional.NCI’s professional training programs will help you increase or enhance your current cybersecurity skills or prepare for a new career through training or preparation for certification. Our cybersecurity training not only prepares you for industry-recognized certifications, it also provides you with the means to truly comprehend what you’ll learn through real-world examples and expert instruction. All NCI courses will be offered face-to-face.