Double Your Revenue with Backup and DRaaS

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The information age is upon us and your clients are grappling with how to effectively deal with the data explosion.  They need help in efficiently backing up critical data and ensuring they can quickly recover from disasters whether they be natural or inflicted by humans. Elite IT Solution and Managed Service Providers are selling industrial strength back-up and DRaaS solutions that are addressing the situation, mitigating the risk and complexity of ensuring error-free backups that can be restored quickly in the event of a disaster.
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News headlines about the increasing frequency of stolen information and identity theft have focused awareness on data security breaches - and their consequences. In response to this issue, regulations have been enacted around the world.


Incident Response Masterclass: Investigate a Rogue Insider with Varonis


Join our IR team for a play-by-play of a live attack simulation and investigation of a rogue insider threat using DatAlert’s new DFIR capabilities. During this training session, our security analysts will execute a new attack scenario in our lab. An insider was paid to exfiltrate sensitive organizational data. To remain uncovered, he takes control on a service account. Using the service account, he scans company filers for documents with indicating keywords. Copies matching documents to his PC.
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George Washington University Information Session: Graduate Cybersecurity & Safety and Security Leadership Online Programs

George Washington University's College of Professional Studies presents this exciting information session on the Online Master of Cybersecurity Strategy and Information Management ( and the Online Master of Security and Safety Leadership Degree ( programs. You'll discover details on both programs, learn how the online experience works, and get answers to your questions live!
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Best Practices for Assessing Cyber Vulnerabilities


Today, every organization faces vulnerability overload. In 2018 alone, Tenable Research estimated nearly 19,000 new vulnerabilities would be disclosed. There are just too many to discover, assess and effectively mitigate. Reducing vulnerability overload means focusing like a laser on vulnerabilities most likely to impact your business right now. To learn how you can address this challenge, join Bill Olson, Technical Director with Tenable, for an on-demand webinar exploring best practices you can adopt to overcome vulnerability overload and better protect your business from cyber risk.
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Approximately 14% of Americans have already started their holiday shopping – and 2% are already done. Is your e-commerce site ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Paul Fletcher, Cyber Security Evangelist for AlertLogic recently joined HOSTING Product Manager Tricia Pattee for our latest webinar, Holiday Prep for Ecommerce and Retail: Latest Cyber Threats and Strategies. Paul and Tricia reviewed the steps retailers can take right now to ensure they have a PCI compliant hosting environment. Missed it? You can listen to the on-demand webinar here. Read on for some highlights.Analysis of 2014 data breaches In order to prepare for a PCI compliant hosting environment, it’s important to have some background information on data breaches. Following are the latest cyber security stats from cyber security firm Mandiant.
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