Enhancing Cyber Security in Public Sector through Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Enhancing Cyber Security in Public Sector
Protect data confidentiality, personally identifiable information (PII), intellectual property, and industry information systems from the risk of data breach, damage and theft.
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We're named a Leader. Again. Gartner Magic Quadrant for UEM Tools

Gartner has named us a Leader for unified endpoint management tools (UEM) again in 2019.* Whether desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, or IoT, our solution makes it easier for IT teams to take a modern, secure approach to managing all devices. All from a single platform. Download the 2019 Gartner report and see how we’re sha
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A DNS Security Architecture as SecOps Force Multiplier

The Domain Name System (DNS) is essentially the central nervous system of the internet—everyone needs it to work because without DNS services, digital business would come to a halt. Cybercriminals know this, too, and use DNS services to launch their attacks while they simultaneously attack the DNS services of their targets.
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On-demand Webinar: IoT and Cybersecurity

Use your next 30 minutes to update you on IoT and Cybersecurity. During this on-demand webinar we are going to talk about Cyber security threats and challenges towards global or regional regulatory alignment? Standards and certifications Nemko Cyber Security Assurance services The schemes Key factors for the manufacturer to cover Common Criteria
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Navigating the IT Security Certification Labyrinth


Cybersecurity remains a top priority for IT teams, but how can you prepare you and your team with the right skills? One of the challenges in IT security is the complex web of 200-300 different IT certifications. How can you navigate the IT security certification labyrinth and identify the best pathway for you and your team?
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