Exploring the Data Protection Toolbox

"Get a handle on the tools you’ll need to simplify data protection management (DPM). DPM tools in general provide a wide range of capabilities tied to protecting your data. These functions range from insight and awareness, coverage and compliance, monitoring, status, reporting and analysis, as well as backup/restore, replication, snapshot, and data footprint reduction (DFR). Watch our recorded session where we’ll look at what tools are available, as well as when to use them.

•Select data protection management tools that help solve your toughest data protection challenges
•Determine what is being protected, whether or not the protection is working, and how much coverage you need
•Identify the relationship between reporting, analysis, planning and notification
•And much more"
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The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) will boost its cybersecurity capabilities through a new scheme that taps on the Full-time National Serviceman (NSF) resource pool. Cyber Operators will perform basic roles such as 24/7 threat monitoring and analysis. Skilled NSFs will be selected and offered the Cybe


"3 Ways to Protect Sensitive Company Data With Online Identities"

In the IoT era, billions of devices, people and things require an identity. Find out how you can use identities to step up security within your organisation and protect your sensitive information. In this presentation we will introduce 3 practical tips that are easy to implement and scalable.

Building a Strong Information Security Program in 2018


How can you build a strong information security program that ensures the protection of the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information assets and supporting infrastructure? How are your governance functions evolving to meet the latest cybersecurity threats? Join this webinar to discuss the development of the following governance related functions and more; Security Leadership. Security Strategy. Policy Management. Organizational Security Roles and Responsibilities. Third Party Security Management. Security Awareness.

Creating a network of security champions at Diageo


Since 2013 we have created a Security Champions network in Diageo across our 21 markets globally.Given limited resources, we had a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve and we took a top-down approach to gain support for the initiative.

The Insider Threat: Employees and Vendors as Attack Vectors

Target, Home Depot and The Office of Personnel Management. These organizations have two things in common – they have all suffered from a data breach and the attackers broke in through a third party vendor. Our analysis also shows that in 90 percent of data loss prevention incidents – meaning when employees leak sensitive data outside an organization – the employees are legitimate users who innocently send out data for business purposes. Join this webinar to learn more about: - How to manage the data deluge from various security tools and alerts to identify the threat within - Best practices and tools to make employees more security conscience - Products and solutions for security professionals to address all aspects of cyber risk from vendors and employees - How to increase security awareness, and use Just-In-Time training to change behavior of negligent insiders