Extend your Attack Surface Coverage with No SIEM Required

Attend this webinar to learn about new capabilities that Alert Logic has added that extends attack surface coverage for Endpoint, Multi-Cloud, and Dark Web. Get broader detection and response for less effort and lower cost with no SIEM required.
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Business Continuity Insights, Considerations and Recommendations

Business disruptions from power outages to global pandemics impact organizations of all sizes. The goal of IT leadership within an organization is to ensure their users are still productive while maintaining some level of control of these users access to corporate resources. Creating an effective business continuity and disaster
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2022 Critical Cybersecurity Technologies

The explosion of edges created by digital acceleration places an enormous strain on any cybersecurity infrastructure. Simply put, security has to be everywhere and traditional security approaches cannot handle today’s challenges.
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If Cybersecurity Professionals were represented by an Emoji, which one would we be?


Two seasoned cybersecurity professionals will discuss the breadth of cybersecurity in today's financial institutions, how this critical defence function operates, and what attributes a cybersecurity professional might need, to be successful in this field. They will also explore some of the recent major cybersecurity incidents from around the globe, and then talk about cybersecurity within HSBC itself.
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Double Your Revenue with Backup and DRaaS

Unitrends MSP

The information age is upon us and your clients are grappling with how to effectively deal with the data explosion. They need help in efficiently backing up critical data and ensuring they can quickly recover from disasters whether they be natural or inflicted by humans. Elite IT Solution and Managed Service Providers are selling industrial strength back-up and DRaaS solutions that are addressing the situation, mitigating the risk and complexity of ensuring error-free backups that can be restored quickly in the event of a disaster.
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