Financial eCrime 2.0: How Fraudsters Leverage Brands to Deliver Phishing & Malware Attacks

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Nothing is more valuable to a business than its own reputation. That is why brand attacks, which leverage a company's valuable brand for nefarious purposes, must be battled on every possible front. Brand attacks are the new form of eCrime, and they're being perpetrated in new and rapidly evolving ways including phishing, and -- more recently -- malware.
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"Industry visionaries have long written about globally connected intelligent devices arriving sometime in the distant future. With the “Internet of Things” (IoT) upon us, the future is now. In fact, numerous industries are already using IoT technology today, but this is just the beginning. "


App Ecosystem Explosion: MaaS360 Features New Partners and Endpoint Security Add-Ons


IBM Security has expanded its partner ecosystem for unified endpoint management (UEM), now delivering a collection of IBM-certified 3rd party apps that integrate with IBM MaaS360 with Watson. This app ecosystem explosion gives IT & security leaders an intuitive framework to discover, download, and experiment with apps that integrate with their existing UEM tool. Meet the partners whose apps are revolutionizing the way businesses unleash security and productivity across their endpoints, users, apps, content, and data. Learn how to leverage your existing investments and take your use cases for endpoint & mobile the extra mile.

Security in the Face of Compromise

Endpoint security has come a long way from traditional definition based solutions. So has technology which aims to prevent compromise of an infected system. Join this webinar to see live demos of Web-injection attacks, keyloggers and custom malware and see how the next generation of endpoint technology is able to prevent compromise, even when the host system is infected.

"The New Age of Executive Protection: Cyber Risk Security"

kroll, pillsbury

"Too often cyber security is viewed as an issue relevant only for businesses holding customer data. The reality is quite different. Hackers regularly target all electronic information and systems in a company, and even attack executives and their relationships. Those targeted attacks can put executives at risk of being extorted or manipulated. More specifically, cyber criminals can wreak havoc by leveraging an executive’s family and community connections, social media, and publicly available digital information. Cyber criminals can even impersonate the executive and compromise highly valued investor or board member relationships. Learn best practices from experts on how to defend against cyber theft across all spheres, respond to and investigate theft-related breaches or seek legal remedy to recover losses"

Censornet Cloud Based Email Security For Office 365 Users

CensorNet Hosted Email Security is a no-maintenance cloud solution that delivers continuously updated protection to stop spam, malware, spear-phishing, and advanced targeted attacks before they reach your network, whilst also allowing archiving. It protects Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, and other hosted and on-premises email solutions.