Fine-Tuning ICS Threat Models to Prioritize Mitigations of the Most Vulnerable Devices

Of course, this cannot be further from the truth: ensuring security and safety of industrial control systems has always been the most important job for OT experts. However, after decades of dealing with unique technologies and regulations and with a traditionally strong focus on human and process safety, securing IT assets was by far not their top priority. As industrial networks are becoming increasingly complex, geographically dispersed and interconnected, however, both impact and probability of numerous cybersecurity risks are growing, and the biggest challenge for CISOs nowadays is no longer how to persuade OT people to take notice, but how to evaluate a vast number of potential threats and to prioritize the actions needed to protect their networks.
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2018 Threat Report and Top Malware


If there’s one thing that came through loud and clear in Webroot’s analysis of malware and other threats in 2017, it’s that, when it comes to cybersecurity, change is the only constant. While analysts, researchers, and security companies worked quickly to identify and block emerging threats, attackers were just as quick in finding new ways to evade defenses. Join this Channel Futures webinar to learn more about the discoveries and analysis of threat activity throughout 2017, the top malware of 2017 and how to be better equipped to overcome modern cybercrime in 2018.
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Industrial Cybersecurity: Is Your Facility Protected?

Just last year, cybercriminals attempted to poison the water supply in Florida by hacking into a city’s system. An airplane manufacturer’s confidential customer data files were breached and leaked on the Internet. A major gas pipeline was shut down by a ransomware attack. A major meat producer was forced to close down all its plants. Hackers are now targeting industrial and infrastructure. At the same time, more and more facilities are going to connected operations to empower new efficiencies. How do we keep our facilities protected amid these growing dangers and opportunities?
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Exciting Updates for Threat Response Cloud and TRAP 5.8

As security products move more into the cloud, Proofpoint continues to strengthen our Threat Response Auto-Pull solution. Join us for this customer session to learn about new features available to you, including our new audit-logging, internal incident response, and enhanced visualizations in Threat Response Cloud. We also have exciting new updates for TRAP 5.8 on-prem.
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Password changing in IBM Security Secret Server


In this session, experts from Technical Support will discuss the purpose of the Remote Password Changing feature in Secret Server, as well as how to enable and configure Remote Password Changing, along with a live demonstration.
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