Five Phases of Ethical Hacking

GreyCampus & EC-Council together bring in an informative 1-hour webinar for ethical hacking aspirants. Our subject matter expert will take you through the 5 phases of Ethical Hacking out of the 18 mentioned above. The webinar will follow as per the outline below: Introduction to Ethical Hacking & Career Opportunities. Phases of Ethical Hacking. Phase 1 – Reconnaissance.
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As the global leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, Akamai makes the Internet fast, reliable, and secure for its customers. The company’s advanced web performance, mobile performance, cloud security, and media delivery solutions are revolutionizing how businesses optimize consumer


Understanding the Rising Importance of Employee and Customer Awareness

"· Creating personnel security in combination with HR policy and practice to establish a working environment · Putting cybersecurity on the C-Level agenda · Building awareness throughout all departments and functions by continuous and systematic staff training · Business vs Security or Business plus Security? · Implementing effective monitoring and reporting structures"

Emerging DDoS Trends 2017: Empty Threats & Real Attacks


This year the cyber-security realm has experienced a few dramatic emerging trends to include a couple of the largest denial-of-service attacks and ransomware outbreaks in history. Follow NSFOCUS as we take a deeper look into these DDoS attacks and some of the processes that now seem to be tied to the overall attack-chain.

Poison Ivy: Sniffing out the RAT

"The Poison Ivy remote access tool (RAT) has been used in several high-profile malware campaigns, most famously, the 2011 compromise of RSA SecurID data. In the same year, Poison Ivy powered a coordinated attack dubbed “Nitro” against chemical makers, government offices, defense firms, and human rights groups. Posion Ivy is so widely used that security professionals are having a harder time tracing attacks that use the RAT to any particular attacker. Join this webinar to learn exactly how Poison Ivy works, why it remains one of the most widely used RATs and discover free tools that can be used to combat it."

DRaaS and Cloud Backup: Can you secure your company's assets with Hybrid Cloud?

"Ensuring Business continuity and managing risks is becoming more and more crucial for companies heavily relying on technical infrastructure to run their business such as CRM, ERP, CMS, accounting, big data and more. Todays's economy cannot be conceived without the use of such systems, more and more connected and presumably accessible from everywhere. Data is now the key asset of any company, and needs to be protected the same way as everyone protects their assets. But the reality is far from this. So many companies are ""saving"" money by using non-redundant infrastructures, networks or servers, and often have to experience the worst scenario to start digging into Disaster Recovery, but it's already too late. So join Eric Sansonny as he looks at Disaster Recovery as a Service and Cloud Backups to see if the solution lies there. "