Global Compliance and Data encryption: obligation, or opportunity?

"As recent cases have highlighted, data protection authorities in Europe are taking an increasingly hard line with businesses that lose personal data. And forthcoming EU data protection reforms will make the penalties even more severe.

Businesses can, and should, be taking steps to comply with global data protection laws, and there is a strong business case for doing more than the bare minimum to protect customer or citizen data.

But information security teams need to over-reliance on any one protection measure, even when that measure, such as encryption, is increasingly demanded by law makers."
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Erzielen Sie bessere Geschäftsergebnisse und beschleunigen Sie den ERP-Auswahlprozess (Enterprise Resource Planning) mit einem neuen Ansatz für die Bewertung von ERP-Lösungen. Nutzen Sie praktische Anleitungen, die Ihnen dabei helfen, den ERP-Bewertungsprozess für Ihr Unternehmen


The 7 Strategies to Cover Expanding IT Threats - Despite a Limited Staff


"Increasing data and network complexity give hackers more to steal and more ways to steal it. Most organizations cannot hire enough skilled IT security personnel to keep up. Watch this informative and timely webinar, in which our experts will offer you seven golden strategies to mitigate IT risk and help you: Reduce the greatest risks first Stretch your team for optimal results Creatively augment budget, skills and headcount."

Facing the Challenges of Network Security

Solarflare Communications

At this webinar attendees will learn the top five audit, compliance and security challenges facing IT managers and network architects today and hear an overview of the solutions available to identify and respond to these challenges. No single solution can address the rigorous requirements for audit and compliance as well as the dynamic nature of the security threats facing enterprise and service provider networks

Hunting Hackers in the Carding Underground

"The rise in e-commerce data breaches over the past year raises important questions: Why is cardholder data such a big target, how do the bad guys get in and why are we seemingly powerless to stop them? This session will examine the black market for card data, the three most common attack vectors, and the wrong way to encrypt databases. You will see real-world examples of malware discovered during investigations and gain insights into the skill sets of each attacker"


An opportunity to learn about the recent energy use case work of the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence. There will be time for questions.This SGIP webinar is offered at no charge and open to the public.