Global Survey of Cybersecurity Leaders: Benchmarking Security Gaps & Privileged Access

Global Survey of Cybersecurity Leaders: Benchmarking Security
Learn from your industry peers’ journeys to protecting privileged identities, stages of privilege access security, what they have achieved so far, and how to get the most value out of your cybersecurity investment.

More than 2000 IT security leaders around the world shared their insights to create this research study. The broad reach of this study provides an opportunity to compare the PAM-related activities and attitudes of IT security practitioners with varying levels of responsibility, in different countries, industries, and companies of all sizes.
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Securing Microsoft Office 365 in the New Normal. Why Now?

With the widespread adoption of Office 365 and an increasingly mobile workforce, cloud security has become top of mind for most organisations. Traditional security solutions, like enabling MFA, are focused point-in-time assessments and offer limited efficacy since attackers can still hijack authenticated sessions to gain access. It’s time for a more modern approach to cloud security.
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After updatein The Expanding Attack Surface: 5 Tips to Manage Third-Party Risk


As organizations increase their reliance on third-party vendors for outsourced solutions, they expand their attack surface. Today’s digital environment offers tremendous opportunities for modern organizations. At the same time, there is more risk. Vulnerabilities and infections plague organizations around the globe — and their numbers continue to rise. The tips discussed in this webinar will help you start managing third-party risk to centralize your program and get a preliminary perspective of the risks you face. Once this foundation is established, you can build on it and shift to a more proactive approach to managing third-party risk — and limiting your exposure.
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Benchmarks for Corporate Cybersecurity


This webinar from Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS) and the Security Industry Association (SIA) will present the findings of The Cybersecurity Imperative research project produced by WSJ Pro Cybersecurity and ESI ThoughtLab and sponsored by SIA. We will share insights into how 1,000-plus organizations around the globe measure their cybersecurity preparedness and how they are preparing for future cyber threats.
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Six Inconvenient Truths About Data-Centric Security (And What to Do About Them)

Omnibus healthcare information security

Despite everything you've spent on data-centric security, there still is a security gap that is burgeoning at an alarming rate when it comes to protecting sensitive data. The growing complexity of users outside your organization, methods of sharing information, and the number of devices data reside on are continually changing and expanding. Rethink your data-centric security in 2019 with insights from IDC's Research Analyst, Rob Westervelt. This educational webcast will highlight how to: Leverage and extend the value of the Data-Centric Security solutions that you have in place. Identify and eliminate blind spots with current solutions such as DLP, Data Classification, and Rights Management to optimize your security.
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