High Performance Security: Mitigating DDoS Attacks Without Losing Your Edge

Join Andy Schroepfer, Chief Strategy Officer at HOSTING, John Cully, Director of Marketing at Exceda, Alex Soares, Integration & Customer Services at Exceda, and Fernando Alves, Akamai Pre & Post Sales at Exceda, for an interactive, one-hour live discussion about how to prepare for — and protect yourself against — distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.
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level overview on ITIL Information Security Management.


What MSPs Need to Know to succeed in the Cloud Security Market


Cloud security is the number one skill and need required in the vast cloud market landscape. The latest data in CompTIA’s 2018 cloud research shows that cloud has officially reached the mainstream. Here are some of the latest stats: 91% of enterprises and corporations are using cloud solutions. Nearly half of all companies say that 31-60% of their systems are cloud based. 74% of companies have between 1 and 5 years of cloud experience. MSPs with savvy cloud practices are a critical answer to all of this opportunity.

Ransomware from a Hacker’s Perspective


As last weeks global Wannacrypt cyber attack has shown, Ransomware has indeed matured and its impact on business has grown exponentially. In the last week alone hackers encrypted hundreds of thousands of files across hundreds of countries globally, incapacitating users and taking whole networks hostage. So how best to proactively prevent attacks and gain access to your files in the event of an attack (without dishing out thousands)? Webinar: Ransomware from a Hacker’s Perspective - Understanding the Latest Tactics Success in defending your organisation against Ransomware starts with understanding both the most prevalent and the latest tactics being employed.


Approximately 14% of Americans have already started their holiday shopping – and 2% are already done. Is your e-commerce site ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Paul Fletcher, Cyber Security Evangelist for AlertLogic recently joined HOSTING Product Manager Tricia Pattee for our latest webinar, Holiday Prep for Ecommerce and Retail: Latest Cyber Threats and Strategies. Paul and Tricia reviewed the steps retailers can take right now to ensure they have a PCI compliant hosting environment. Missed it? You can listen to the on-demand webinar here. Read on for some highlights.Analysis of 2014 data breaches In order to prepare for a PCI compliant hosting environment, it’s important to have some background information on data breaches. Following are the latest cyber security stats from cyber security firm Mandiant.

Rapid Threat Detection & Response with Next Generation Firewall & SIEM


Are you controlling the applications on your network? Are you able to quickly identify new cyber threats? Can you respond to and mitigate multi-vector advanced persistent threats (APTs)? A recent breach report stated that 66% of attacks took months or more to discover. Further, 76% of network intrusions exploited weak or stolen credentials with 71% targeted at user devices. A strong cyber threat defense strategy using Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) technology coupled with an advanced SIEM platform provides actionable insights to detect and respond to today's cyber threats and breaches faster and with greater accuracy than ever before.