Highly Caffeinated InfoSec

Black Hills Information Security

Whether you are brand new to InfoSec or a skilled veteran there are ways to push the limits and learn more about this exciting profession. Knowledge doesn’t always come from a classroom but instead can come from networking with other cybersecurity individuals and finding ways to hack anything around you. Mike Felch and Beau Bullock have started various InfoSec meetup groups, spoken publicly, written blog posts, and are on podcasts to help share and learn more at the same time. In this webcast they share a few tips for waking up your inner hacker.
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This video shows how enterprise security teams can rapidly investigate alarms and events, including malware. This process makes use of NetFlow and external metadata to quickly gather context and identify the origin of threats. Details are gathered to identify who was involved with the threat, how the infection may have spread, where it went, and when.


CIO on Data Privacy and Securing Sensitive Information Shared in the Cloud

Bank information security

As organizations are relying more and more on cloud collaboration tools to store and share sensitive customer data, security concerns abound. Failure to comply with regulation is not a risk worth taking, and the financial cost, time lost and reputation damage from even one data breach can jeopardize an entire company. After all, it is the people behind the files and sensitive data that you need to protect.
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Cybersecurity Framework to Secure OT/ICS/SCADA Systems from Targeted Attacks

Join our experts in the digital event cybersecurity framework to secure OT/ICS/SCADA systems from targeted attacks With growing cyberattacks on ICS and SCADA systems, this is the time to revisit your OT cybersecurity measures and strategies to see if they are aligned with the new cyber realities that are already impacting businesses. The need of the hour is to invest in a robust yet an agile program that will reduce your risk exposure and deepen your institutional cyber resilience
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Cyber Security for Ports and Terminals Webinar

ABS Advanced Solutions

With the recent increase in cyber-attacks on maritime ports and terminals worldwide, more focus is being placed on strategies to reduce cyber risk at maritime facilities. So what does a U.S. Coast Guard compliant cyber security Facility Security Plan (FSP) look like? In 30-minute On-Demand webinars, Captain Dave Nichols, USCG (ret.) Director, Business Development ABS Advanced Solutions ans Cris DeWitt Senior Technical Advisor ABS will provide an overview on maritime facilities with a particular focus on ISPS Regulated Facilities and how the various policies, guidance, and regulations are interconnected. Specific areas being discussed are what the expectations should be for ISPS Regulated Facilities and how proper Cyber Risk.
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Thinking Like a Cyber Attacker: Strategies for Defense


Increasingly, enterprises are discovering that the best way to test and defend their organization is to view their IT environment from the perspective of an attacker. But how do you predict an attacker's motives and simulate their methods, and how do you know that you aren’t overlooking key vulnerabilities? In this Dark Reading webinar, experts discuss methods for testing your security’s mettle by thinking like your adversary.
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