Highly Caffeinated InfoSec

Whether you are brand new to InfoSec or a skilled veteran there are ways to push the limits and learn more about this exciting profession. Knowledge doesn’t always come from a classroom but instead can come from networking with other cybersecurity individuals and finding ways to hack anything around you. Mike Felch and Beau Bullock have started various InfoSec meetup groups, spoken publicly, written blog posts, and are on podcasts to help share and learn more at the same time. In this webcast they share a few tips for waking up your inner hacker.
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The evolving cyber security threat: Introduction to Cryptomining


Webinar: The evolving cyber security threat: Introduction to Cryptomining. In this webinar we explore the current threat landscape affecting industry technology and how we recommend and can assist you in guarding against it.
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How to Prioritize and Protect Against Relevant Threats: Context is the Key


Joint webinar featuring ThreatConnect and FireEye iSight Intelligence: “How to Prioritize and Protect Against Relevant Threats: Context is Key”. The webinar covers how to prioritize your team’s response and put your intelligence to use.
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Industrial Cybersecurity: Is Your Facility Protected?

Just last year, cybercriminals attempted to poison the water supply in Florida by hacking into a city’s system. An airplane manufacturer’s confidential customer data files were breached and leaked on the Internet. A major gas pipeline was shut down by a ransomware attack. A major meat producer was forced to close down all its plants. Hackers are now targeting industrial and infrastructure. At the same time, more and more facilities are going to connected operations to empower new efficiencies. How do we keep our facilities protected amid these growing dangers and opportunities?
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Five Phases of Ethical Hacking


GreyCampus & EC-Council together bring in an informative 1-hour webinar for ethical hacking aspirants. Our subject matter expert will take you through the 5 phases of Ethical Hacking out of the 18 mentioned above. The webinar will follow as per the outline below: Introduction to Ethical Hacking & Career Opportunities. Phases of Ethical Hacking. Phase 1 – Reconnaissance.
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