Highly Caffeinated InfoSec

Whether you are brand new to InfoSec or a skilled veteran there are ways to push the limits and learn more about this exciting profession. Knowledge doesn’t always come from a classroom but instead can come from networking with other cybersecurity individuals and finding ways to hack anything around you. Mike Felch and Beau Bullock have started various InfoSec meetup groups, spoken publicly, written blog posts, and are on podcasts to help share and learn more at the same time. In this webcast they share a few tips for waking up your inner hacker.
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"Malware is a costly fact of life. But fighting malware doesn't have to be a losing battle.
Even as their tactics evolve, malware attacks often employ familiar technologies and follow known paths through the IT environment. The quantity and sophistication of malware may have grown, b


Beyond Buzzwords, Part III: What Is Defense in Depth?

Defense in depth is another one of those often-used, but rarely-defined, terms in Information Security circles. Sure, it means a layered defense, that’s obvious. But what makes up the layers? How do they interact for better security? And what does a best-practice implementation look like today vs. even a few years ago?

"The Internet of Things (IoT): Critical risks for all enterprises"

"A recent report by Forrester Research identified security as being the ""top concern"" for enterprise technology and business decision-makers for IoT*. While the Internet of Things offers great potential for businesses to create new services and improve operational efficiencies, it offers a greater potential for security breaches. Join us for a compelling webcast that will walk you through the latest security insights for combating IoT risks. We will also discuss: - Key trends driving IoT - Vulnerabilities within your organization that you need to be aware of - The latest strategies and techniques cyber-criminals are using today - What your organization can do to address these security risks "

Demystifying AI for Cyber Security

Eurofins Scientific

From vulnerable IoT devices to unsuspecting insiders, the reality of cyber security today is that we don’t know what’s lurking inside our networks. Faced with a looming shortage in cyber security skills professionals, combined with sophisticated threat-actors expanding their toolsets, AI-powered technology offers a proven approach to combat the threats that could already be inside the network – before they escalate into a crisis. Join Eurofins’s VP of Cyber Security, Sean Walls, and Darktrace’s Director of Enterprise Cyber Security, David Masson, to discuss how advances in autonomous AI are shaping the way security teams visualize, detect, and respond to emerging threats – all in real time.

The Future of Phishing: It’s all about your customers


While current anti-phishing solutions usually cover basic entry-level phishing scams using reactive inside-the-firewall defenses, a billion of potential variations of sophisticated phishing scams are already being planned and executed everywhere on the internet, entirely undisturbed, evading most current detection tools. Todays phishing attacks are no longer performed by scruffy hoodie covered villains, but by sophisticated, risk-calculating, online marketing experts who take social engineering to new heights. By constantly using A/B testing to improve their technology with each attack, they know how to tell a convincing story that would trick even the savviest users, causing irreversible reputational and financial damages to brands worldwide.