How Attackers Move Stealthily Around Networks - And How To Detect Them

"Have you ever wondered how the bad guys actually get control of a system? Or, what they do next to move about the network undetected? Then you won't want to miss this live demo, where AlienVault security guru Tom D'Aquino will show you how attackers take over a system, then use that compromised device to ""land and expand"", gathering user credentials and valuable data as they move further into your network. Using a real-world example of malware planted via a watering hole attack, Tom will show you how AlienVault USM detects these nefarious activities every step of the way.

You'll learn:

How attackers take control of systems and steal user credentials
What they do next to avoid detection and move around the network
How to detect them before the damage is done with AlienVault USM"
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If you’re running an enterprise IT environment today, email is likely one of the busiest workloads in your organization, and there’s a good chance you’re using Outlook to manage it. There’s also a good chance that Outlook plays a major role in your mobility strategy. Most mob


Cybercrime Threat Landscape: Cyber Criminals Never Sleep

A Glimpse into the Cybercrime Underground In this session, IBM Security’s Etay Maor, will dive into the latest tools, techniques and threats developed and utilized by cybercriminals. The presentation will include a market overview of the latest offerings from the criminal underground, with a deep dive into some of the techniques discussed by cybercriminals, and review how they manifest as real attacks with real examples and case studies. A share of the presentation will also be dedicated to possible mitigation strategies and techniques During this webinar you will learn about:New malware attack and evasion techniques,The latest underground offerings on the “fraud as a service” mark,The latest rumors and discussions around malware and malware authors from the underground,Real-time intelligence and adaptable counter measures.

Security and Governance in the Hybrid Multi-Cloud


Hybrid cloud solutions are hailed for their combination of scalability, agility and cost-efficiency of public cloud with the increased security and compliance of keeping sensitive data on-premises under your full control. However, the responsibility for security is shared between the customer and the provider and, importantly, the need for overall governance and compliance with laws and regulations remains with the customer.

Stopping Email-Borne Threats Before They Spread


Your organization likely has extensive security protections for your inbound email from the Internet. However, as much as two-thirds of many organizations’ total email traffic is generated internally by users. And, of course, attackers know this. Are you inspecting your internal email with the same diligence as your inbound email? What about the emails being sent out to your partners, suppliers, and customers? Attend this webinar to take a step inside your organization’s entire email traffic to learn about: The latest techniques that attackers are using to target your users. How attacks are spread both internally and externally. Advanced security and automation to defend your organization from compromised users and internal threats.


SurfWatch Labs

The Dark Web. It’s the home of underground marketplaces for illicit trade as cyber attack vectors. And most organizations don’t account for the Dark Web when it comes to their cybersecurity strategy and tactics. But you should Dark Web threats reflect a greater risk level to your organization and often exploit a blind spot in traditional cybersecurity approaches. The different types of threat vectors coming from the Dark Web How to gain visibility of your organization’s Dark Web risks How to use Dark Web intelligence to reduce your cyber risk