How Malware Affects Your Security Rating & What to Do About It

Learn how botnet infections can impact your security posture. Security incidents such as malware infections can cause damage and disruption that propagates far beyond the organization, affecting its reputation, brand value and customer loyalty. Security ratings are impacted by these, giving an independent view into potential areas where security resources could be focused. In this webinar, BitSight's Tiago Pereira explains how and why botnet infections are a key metric of the effectiveness of your security posture, their impact on external security ratings and how to effectively deal with infections affecting your organization's rating.
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Healthcare's Need for Shifting Security Priorities from Prevention to Detection


The digital revolution has given healthcare organizations new tools to increase team efficiency and improve their customer experience. But it's also opened up new vectors that cybercriminals can use to attack. As your attack surface expands to web infrastructure that you don't own or control, it becomes increasingly difficult to protect your digital assets and your data. You must shift security priorities from prevention to detection and remediation.
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Under the Radar – The Future of Undetected Malware


The future is not full of easy to detect junkware, but hard to remediate and dangerous malware. Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and adopting anti-forensic techniques that evade defenses with hard to remediate malware, like fileless attacks. Watch our webinar and learn about: The future of undetected malware. The latest and hardiest threats to remediate like Sam Sam, Sorebrect, Emotet and TrickBot. How prominent cybersecurity vendors cannot protect you from these threats.
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BSI and Proofpoint: State of the Phish Webinar


Join BSI for a webinar where we’ll explore findings from the 2019 State of the Phish Report by our partner, Proofpoint. It provides the data-driven intelligence you and your team need to manage end-user risk more effectively within your organization. In this webinar, we will explore data related to the following: Tens of millions of simulated phishing emails: Analysis of tens of millions of simulated phishing emails sent to end users over a 12-month period. 16 industries: Comparisons of activities and results from organizations and their employees across 16 industries. Nearly 15,000 survey responses from infosec professionals: Responses reveal the challenges they are facing, their views of the threat landscape, and the actions they’re taking to fend off phishing attacks.
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Cloud security best practices for multi-cloud: Beyond native tools

As multi-cloud adoption accelerates, security teams are navigating the delta between each cloud provider’s native capabilities and comprehensive protection from bad actors.
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