How memcached reflection threatens IT security

2018 is the year of high volume DDoS attacks. Since the emergence of the new attack vector memcached reflection in February, new bandwidth records have been set. Companies worldwide suddenly found themselves exposed to a new DDoS risk. In a webinar, the Link11 IT security experts Karsten Desler and Aatish Pattni explain how to assess the threats. Today's global IT infrastructures face a DDoS threat that has never existed before with such massive bandwidths. This issue relates to attack vectors, which can hit companies with a really destructive attack volume due to enormous amplification factors. The largest possible 'amplification reflection vector' to date has been detected in memcached reflection attacks. Cyber criminals can theoretically use the vector to increase their attacks by a factor of 50,000.
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Palo Alto Networks & CyberX Integration: Accelerating the Time Between ICS/SCADA Threat Detection and Prevention


This SANS webinar discusses how to secure ICS and SCADA environments using the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform and CyberX’s purpose-built ICS cybersecurity platform. Daniel Shugrue, Senior Director of Industrial Cybersecurity at CyberX, and Dharminder Debisarun, Industry Security Architect at Palo Alto Networks, describe how the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is helping organizations improve safety, increase output, and maximize revenue, while at the same time digitalization is driving deployment of billions of IIoT devices and increased connectivity between IT and Operational Technology (OT) networks, increasing the attack surface and risk of cyberattacks on industrial control systems.
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Microsoft 365 Security in the Face of Increased Mobility & Security Breaches

With technological advancements taking the world by storm, almost every other company is now a software company. All these companies are slowly moving to the cloud to reduce IT investment. Whether it is delivering personalized apps, or employing software to improve internal processes or managing business transactions – it is all on the cloud. This recent expansion of technology has made the threat of cyberattacks exceedingly prevalent and more aggressive.
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Attack Tactics 5 – Zero to Hero Attack

Black Hills Information Security

Presented BHIS Testers by: Jordan Drysdale, Kent Ickler, and John Strand. This is a re-recording of a live BHIS webcast that was presented on April 26th, 2019. Ever want to see a full attack from no access on the outside to domain takeover? Ever want to see that in under an hour? OWA? Password Sprays? Yup! VPNs? Remote account takeover? Yup! Fully documented command and tool usage? Yup! MailSniper? Absolutely! Nmap? Obviously.
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Live Hack: Definitive Guide to Endpoint Security

When it comes to cyber security, one thing is clear: the most potent threat vectors into any organization are its endpoints. Your endpoints represent fertile ground for attacks because their users, applications, and services often have elevated privileges that give cyber criminals an easy on-ramp to the inner workings and data within your organization.
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