"How Secure Are Your Business Service Providers?"

"Over the years, businesses have outsourced key business functions and supply chains have grown, increasing risks in the process. When assessing risk for third parties, many companies may immediately think of their banks, their IT service providers, or their software manufacturers. However, there are many overlooked segments of the business services industry that could pose significant risks.

Join Mike Woodward, Program Director of Data at BitSight as he discusses:

– how Accounting, Benefits, Law Firms, and PR Firms differ in security performance
– how quickly these sub-sectors remediate infection on their networks
– how continuous monitoring of vendors can help mitigate the risk of service providers "
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Protecting valuable assets requires a layered security approach. Consider that when historic sites and museums implement security plans to protect priceless treasures, their plans go far beyond simply locking their doors at the end of the day. Rather, they employ a layered security approach that inc


The Threat Landscape: A View From the Inside

"Advanced Persistent Threats are more than media hype. Dell has seen a significant increase in stealthy activity targeting specific intellectual assets. Security strategies and tactics must evolve in light of the growth in APT attacks; how do you find and stop advanced threats before they become serious breaches? This presentation will take you on a journey through the threat landscape taking in sights such as the latest activity on Trojans and viruses, how the bad guys are stealing intellectual property through the use of malware, the future of cyber warfare and how hacktivism has changed the threat landscape for the foreseeable future. We will look at the road ahead, and how you can use threat intelligence to inform your security strategy over the next year. - The tools and techniques threat actors use - The common vulnerabilities that led to successful breaches - Pragmatic advice on what you can do to protect your critical information assets "

Building on the Secure Cloud

"Hear how Patrick Wirtz, Innovation Manager at The Walsh Group, has leveraged a secure Cloud environment to streamline IT processes, shift focus to key business priorities, and grow his business."

Securing Mobile Apps: Old School Know How for the New World Order


Mobile devices and applications are redefining business, revolutionizing productivity and driving competitive advantage. But as the volume of mobile applications increases, so too are mobile exploits. In the rush to enter the mobile software market, are we taking shortcuts that force us to repeat sins of the past? Like caching sensitive data, incomplete encryption and simple mistakes in coding? Don't let old-school vulnerabilities allow hackers to resurrect previously obsolete malware and exploits. With the experience of more than 1,400 incident response investigations, thousands of penetration tests and hundreds of application security tests, Trustwave SpiderLabs' Charles Henderson shows IT, security and development teams how to make sure they're not leaving sound security practices and due diligence behind as they develop new mobile applications.

Cybersecurity in the Digital, Mobile & Cloud Era


A Comprehensive Enterprise Security Strategy and Approach are needed in the digital, mobile and cloud era. This Strategy and Approach nowadays needs to face the following challenges: Identity that transcends every application access across multiple devices.