How Security Services Fuel Growth for MSPs

Faced with modern cyber threats, your clients’ security requirements are changing by the minute. To ensure the highest levels of service and security, MSPs like you need to understand, meet, and exceed those requirements—and you have to do it better than your competition can. Join this webinar to hear Aaron Sherril, Sr. Analyst with 451 Research, and Hal Lonas, CTO for Webroot, discuss the findings of two 451 Research’s global surveys to learn what MSPs need to do to make their cybersecurity services business more profitable.
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Security Holes In The Machine Learning Pipeline

Python is the second most popular language and is very easy to start using. It is almost a de-facto standard in machine learning. Here be dragons! Many machine learning (ML) models are Python pickle files under the hood. The use of pickling conserves memory, enables start-and-stop model training, and makes trained models portable (and, thereby, shareable).
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Hacker vs CISO: How to Exploit/Protect the WFH Workforce

A Former Hacker and a Current CISO Face Off In today’s world where entire workforces were forced to move to an entirely remote work environment overnight, IT security leaders are facing new cyber attacks every day. Not only have hackers and adversaries become more sophisticated over the past decades, the hastily distributed work
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Leveraging Analytics for More Effective Security Performance


More than ever before, companies are investing heavily in their organization's security. But as the threat landscape changes, how do you know that these investments in security are paying off — and how can you determine that you are investing the appropriate amount of security spending in the areas that matter most to your organization? Security ratings and the analytics they provide give businesses a unique insight into their organization's security performance and posture in relation to their peer group.
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Strategies for a Successful Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is in October and is a nationally-recognized initiative meant to help individuals develop positive cyber habits so they can act as a strong line of defense. To develop effective Cybersecurity Awareness Month programs, it’s essential to analyze threat intelligence data, deliver targeted education to user subgroups, and involve leadership to garner support and buy-in.
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