How to Develop Military-Grade Cybersecurity

Join this session to hear from Mike Walls, a US Navy officer with combat cyber operations experience, who will share insights on how to keep your organizations' data secure against the most persistent and motivated cyber adversaries.
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Financial Trojans that target online banking services have plagued financial institutions for
over a decade. The attacks still mostly rely on email, social engineering, and man-in-themiddle
browser manipulation through webinjects. The cybercriminals behind these threats
have wel


Man-in-the-Browser Attacks: Strategies to Fight the Latest Round in Online Fraud


Business banking account fraud cases have dramatically increased in 2010. In order to remain secure, it is essential for banks to understand new strategies fraudsters are implementing and the latest trend and threats. Attend this session to discover: The current state of online fraud - latest threats, trends, and vulnerabilities; How to protect against attacks - including "man-in-the-browser", Steps to secure your largest and most lucrative Business Account customers.

Data Driven Security: Improve Your Security Posture To Defeat Your Adversary


Today’s complex, multi-faceted infosec challenges can cause IT and security teams to spend unnecessary cycles trying to perform the fundamentals – basic hygiene, assessing posture, and validating security “readiness”. With most organizations getting attacked weekly, ensuring these functions are efficient and effective is more important than ever.

Secure Web Development Bootcamp: SDLC Fundamentals in 60 Minutes

This condensed, one-hour secure development webinar provides you with an instructor-led Secure Web Development Bootcamp training that will help your team better understand how to build secure websites. This session gets participants up-to-speed on the state of application security today by tying together current headlines to secure coding practices and principles. Demonstrations and re-enactments highlight how attackers take advantage of common web vulnerabilities.

Contain Yourself - Analysis of BYOD Secure Containers

"In today's world, everyone wants access to information from his or her personal mobile device. As a business, this includes your customers and/or employees. What if the information they want access to is highly sensitive? While it's tempting to resist these pressures for security reasons, providing mobile access can be a significant competitive advantage and most importantly keep your customers and employees happy and productive. The reality is that in order to survive in a connected world, we must provide a way to meet these demands without sacrificing security."