How to Leverage Hacking Competitions as an Educational and Recruitment Tool


One of the most-heard complaints from security experts is that often they find their work repetitive ("The CFO's laptop has been compromised... again!"), which results in the desire of trying something "new", meaning "leave for another company." Another common complaint is that the work is very compartmentalized, and there are few occasions in which the various security specialists can enjoy working as a team. One activity that can help build a team while improving the security skills of the people involved is participating in Capture the Flag (CTF) hacking competitions. In 2003 at the University of California at Santa Barbara, one of the world's largest attack-defense CTF competitions began and has grown year-after-year, pushing the limits of the players and providing opportunities for better learning. In addition, hacking competitions are a great opportunity for recruiting new talent: CTF participants are highly skilled, well-motivated, and hard-working, which are great traits for a future employee.
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In this video, Learn about the latest trends in cybersecurity and how they will impact your business in the coming year.


BlackBerry Cylance 2019 Threat Report Highlights


The BlackBerry Cylance 2019 Threat Report Highlights webinar is an opportunity to examine our conclusions with the researchers and analysts who authored the report. Join us for an in-depth look at the cybersecurity trends, topics, and innovations that dominated the past year. Our panel of experts will offer additional insight into the discoveries drawn from our internal data, customer communications, threat research, and intelligence efforts.
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Key Functionalities of a Modern Cyber Threat Intelligence Program

Everyone knows security is overloaded work wise – not everyone understands what that means. Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is typically very technical so how can you convince the teams setting business objectives and allocating resources (for budget) of what the cybersecurity priorities should be? A modern CTI program needs to show value to the business because it will help solve some of the major problems we’re seeing in TI programs today (such as lack of resources or lack of data). Part of this includes bridging the gap between threat and risk to ensure your operational strategy aligns with the overall business objectives.
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Operationalizing Threat Intelligence to Battle Persistent Actors


Join Andy Pendergast, co-author of the Diamond Model and co-founder of ThreatConnect and Monzy Merza, Director of Cyber Research at Splunk to see how you can apply Threat Intelligence to protect your organization and prevent future breaches. During the talk, Andy will share threat intel on a nation state threat and Monzy will do a live demonstration of operationalizing the new Threat Intelligence.
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Threat Hunting—A Practical Demonstration


Today it is almost considered negligent to wait for an alert from IDS/IPS, firewalls, NAC, and endpoint security products before taking action. For years some of us who ha e been in the industry for a while have engaged in operations where we go out into the environment and actively look for threats to hand off to the IR team to eradicate. Enter the world of threat hunting. We will side step any product marketing and dig deep into what threat hunting actually is. The second half of this webinar will consist of demo of some technical threat hunting operations that anyone can practice sharpening their hunt skills.
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