As more workloads are shifting to the cloud, cybersecurity professionals remain concerned about the security of data, systems, and services in the cloud. To cope with new security challenges, security teams are forced to reassess their security posture and strategies. Traditional security tools are often not suited for the challenges of dynamic, virtual and distributed cloud environments. This technology challenge is only intensified by the dramatic shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals.
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A variety of new threats and challenges will threaten organizations in 2018. In part two of their discussion, watch as RSA's Niloofar Howe and Zulfikar Ramzan offer their perspective on what's ahead in the New Year for cybersecurity.


"The Latest Cybersecurity Trends: Which Industry Is Most At Risk?"

"Some cyber security analysts called 2014 “the year of the retail breach” due to major breaches affecting major American retailers and leading to millions of compromised customer records. Cyber security has continued to grab the headlines over the past year, as major breaches have affected companies across all industry sectors, from healthcare to finance. Join this webinar to learn more about the security performance of six major industry sectors: finance, government, retail, utilities/energy, healthcare and education. Mike Woodward, Program Director of Data will reveal interesting insights into the performance of each industry based on BitSight’s proprietary Security Ratings data."

To Catch a Cyber Thief

"When a cyber attack breaches an organisation’s perimeter, it is vital that the attack is detected and resolved before lasting damage is done, this is the role of cyber security monitoring. In this webinar we will be discussing the three fundamentals to effective monitoring. Dr David Bailey, Chief Technology Officer for Cyber Security will kick off by explaining how to achieve effective detection. Following this, Adrian Nish our Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence will discuss what good intelligence looks like. This is the art of understanding an adversary and becoming familiar with how they operate."

Private Equity Cybersecurity: Preliminary Look at Exclusive Compliance Checklist


Join ACG’s Private Equity Regulatory Taskforce (PERT) and Dennis Johnson, Wipfli LLP Risk Advisory Services Manager, as they divulge pertinent information about the best-in-class Wipfli Cybersecurity Checklist. The Cybersecurity Checklist is an exclusive perk for PERT members. However, all webinar attendees will benefit from an illuminating glimpse into the cybersecurity resource. The Cybersecurity Checklist helps firms to measure cybersecurity functions at their particular institution. It does this by using the PERT’s exclusive Cybersecurity “Principle” and the SEC’s cybersecurity guidance.

Security in 2015 - What awaits us?

"For our first webcast of 2015, we will look back at the various predictions made by the industry’s top thinkers, and the stories that made 2014, to get an idea of what awaits us in the new year. 2014 saw point of sale systems consistently attacked by malware that was freely available on the underground web, ransomware scare consumers and businesses and stories on attacks against Sony Pictures and Target among those dominating the national news. With this in mind, and things only likely to get worse, we will be joined by industry speakers Tom Cross and Martin McKeay, and leading analyst Richard Stiennon to look at the year that has passed and what we have learned, and what the year ahead presents for cyber security. We will also look into the collection of predictions, and ask what purpose they serve, who they benefit and what they offer for you. Join us at 4pm GMT on the 6th January for a lively debate for some crystal ball gazing on what we think will make the headlines in 2015, and whether we will be reading about the same problems as before"